Yiipeee.....got my Wapity today ~

  1. So glad I got my MC white Waptiy today :yes: it is so cute ..... can't wait to put my little things into this case :flowers: but i think i better stop my shopping spree right now for at least a few month otherwise i won't have any money left for a holiday :lol:
    wapity 1.JPG
  2. Ooohhh.. they're CUTE!!! Yayyy... congrats!
  3. Darling little thing! I Love It!!
  4. I'm so happy for you! that wapity is tickling my fancy now too! lol
  5. love the color combo. good choice!
  6. I have a question after my comment - first, it's wayyy cute - I love the mc soft pastelly look so light and bright for summer!

    ok my question is - what the heck do you use a wapity for??? what will it fit?
  7. ahhhhhh I see! I'm so unorganized, I have a horrible habit of simply throwing everything into my bags and then having to dig for them infinitely when I need something. I have a tendency of loosing lip gloss that way too!
  8. Congrats! Welcome to the wapity club :biggrin:
  9. twinkie2006 - you went to the LV store without me!!!??? :cry: hehehe, just kidding! totally love your new addition!!! :amuse:
  10. Aww.. so cute, and it just makes me soooo tempted !
  11. Congrat's :smile: and enjoy!
  12. I agree:lol: VERY tempting.
  13. ooops....hahahaha.......you should get a Wapity too !!:roflmfao:
  14. I am like that too...that's why i bought the wapity case !! now i can put my lip gloss, digicam and foundation into this cutie ~ i think everyone should get a wapity :roflmfao: