Yiha, got my groovee in cream with gold hardware !!

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  1. ( Dr Q groovee cream )

    It was nowhere to be found but I've got it and am soooo happy with it :yahoo:. It will be a little bit of a challenge to keep it clean with 3 small kids but I just loved :heart: this bag and hey, ME is just as important in life than the kids, right?

    I just wish the handles would be a little bit longer, it does go over my shoulder but with a coat on it won't be possible.

    Anybody want to share their groovee experiences?

    Oh, I am new here....

    Ciao! :heart:
  2. congratulations! do you have photos? :biggrin: i don't think i've seen anyone with the cream Groovee yet. It was from resort wasn't it?

    I have the Groovee in Chocolate. LOVE IT!............ though, i would've loved it more if i were able to get my hands on the Bordeaux :x
  3. It sounds gorgeous - I love cream/white with gold HW! Congratulations and post pics if you can!
  4. congratulations!!!! welcome to tpf (and the mj sub-forum!) please share pics...we LOVE pictures!!!! ;)
  5. Welcome! The combo of the cream leather & gold hardware sound gorgeous! Congrats.
  6. ooooo- that sounds SO fabulous! Post pics- I am in love with the Groovee! And GOLD hardware- oh my I am getting excited.....I might have to look for one of those myself :drool:
  7. Welcome to the MJ forum! And congratulations on your new bag. It sounds really pretty.
  8. I have a black one with gold hardware! I LOVE it. I leave the shoulder strap on mine because I like the way it dangles and I use the top handles (they fit over my shoulder). My zipper pull ripped off, (i barely used it) but I never used it to open and close my bag, always the actual zipper.

    Congrats, the color combo sounds lovely!!! Do post pics when you get her! :biggrin:
  9. Welcome! I love the groovee, esp with gold hardware. Congrats on your new purchase, post pics soon!!
  10. Congrats - it sounds really pretty!
  11. Welcome to the forum! Cream is so pretty with gold hardware, hope to see pics!
  12. And here she is !!! [​IMG]
  13. Welcome!! The cream and gold is such a classy combination!
  14. Thanks for posting a pic!
  15. I have this purse...love it!