YG love bracelet with or without diamonds?

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  1. I cannot decide!! I thought I really wanted to save for the 4 diamonds one, but as I see the YG without diamonds more and more it has really grown on me...for those of you with experience, which do you prefer? If you have the one with 4 diamonds, are you thrilled you waited and saved? or if you have the all screws model, do you love it more because the screw motif is more obvious? I normaly like some bling but the diamonds are very small and since I have not a Cartier boutique near me, have tried on neither one on my actual wrist...If you have pics of either please post..thanks in advance!!
  2. I think I would prefer the classic no diamonds one. It's actually on my wishlist, but I have so many other "responsible" things I must achieve first.
    Yellow gold would be awesome! I know several ladies own these beauties.
  3. Hi again, we are obviously on at the same time:smile:...do you say that because of the way it looks? I wonder if I am trying to figure out, if cost was no issue, does the one with screws only, just look better aesthetically? Sometimes I think it does, which surprises me because I love sparkles.
  4. I prefer the one with no diamonds because it can be dressed up or down. I wouldn't always want the diamonds on my wrist because I would find it to dressy at times. But i still think they are both beautiful!
  5. I went to Cartier tonight and I prefer no diamonds. WG bracelet is next up on my wishlist but it is $4450 now!
  6. wow really? It went up 600$?? I keep thinking I will like all gold best...not sure why!! But I think my made is pretty much made up!
  7. oh whoops I think you were saying the new price of WG so yellow may still be 3800...
  8. ^ Yes still $3850
  9. I definately vote for the one with diamonds. But I love sparkly things too.
  10. no diamonds.
  11. I have the wg no diamonds and love it, I am hoping for the yellow gold or rose gold no diamonds next.
  12. have the same delimma. i perfer 4 diamond. but i am patiently waiting to see if they might change the closure to be the same as the new pave diamond ones. one click and it's off! i hope they will do the same for the orignal ones...
  13. I just got the WG with 6 diamonds and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's a nice surprise to look and see a diamond mixed in with the screws.
  14. My vote is for the one without the diamonds. I like the classic look of it.