YG Love Bangle owners: what other jewelries do you wear it?

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  1. Just wondering, what other jewelries do you wear when you wear your YG love bangle?
    I'm really interested in getting one, but I mostly wear my wedding set, which is diamond with platinum. My watches are white J12 and stainless steel rolex, and sometimes I wear my solitaire necklace in WG. I think the YG bangle will look either really awkward or really stand out w/ the rest of my jewelry......what do you guys think?
  2. I meant to say Love bracelet actually...
  3. I wear a yg Love bangle on my left wrist with my tt Rolex daily. I have a plat/dia wed band on daily and on my right hand wear either an all wg ring/all yg ring/or tt ring.....depending on my mood. I wear a delicate yg chain with a pave hamsa bracelet with a fun Sydney Evan bracelet together on the right wrist. Have been wearing a yg necklace but I change out my necklaces to either all wg or yg. On the ears, wear my dia studs set in wg or yg large hoops. I love my LOVE and it doesn't bother me if it stands out if I end up wearing more wg than yg.
  4. I wear similar items as you and have a yg love bracelet on my right hand with a matching yg love ring. It doesn't look akward because to me they are a match on that hand. I never was one for mixing and matching but i love the love bracelet in yg, it's stunning.
  5. even though mine isn't YG, it's still RG which is very similar.

    in fact, it's the only YG/RG piece that i wear (except for inexpensive YG hoop earrings i love to wear). my watch is SS and my wedding rings are white gold and platinum, and my necklace that i wear everyday is white gold with white & black diamonds.

    i love mixing and matching—i specifically wanted my LOVE bangle to be either YG or RG because i wanted it to stand out above the rest. and it worked.
  6. i mix my metals, but even if i didn't, i would still get a rg love bracelet because it "pops" out more.
  7. i just wear my wedding set (platinum halo/eternity style rings) and my white J12...I don't really mind the mixing of pieces either.