YG Cartier Panthere Earrings or YG C de Cartier Diamond Stud Earrings

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Which pair should I buy

  1. YG Cartier Panthere Earrings

  2. YG C de Cartier Diamond Stud Earrings

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I personally like the diamond studs, but you could probably get more bang for your buck if you got diamond studs elsewhere. (I'm thinking you wanted to put this in the jewelry box section?) :smile:
  2. Yup! I wanted to put under the jewelry box forum, slip of my fingers. Hope administrator can help me shift my thread.

    Thank you for your opinion!
  3. I have the C de cartier studs in 1 ctw in white gold and they are stunning. Because of the setting the diamonds look bigger than they really are.
  4. Diamonds!!!!
  5. I vote diamonds!