Yey, i finally own it!!!!!!but......

  1. And so i went to the store with my mum today and out of the blue, she brought me a present..... :p

    it was ......... (drum roll pls).....
    a Azur Saleya MM .... i'm head over heels in luv with tis baby..... [/COLOR]

    however, but one problem...... i heard from my fren that i shld hv gotten the damier instead of azur coz of color transfer (her speedy azur 30 was stained by her jeans :push: & she was kinda upset)....

    dear gals, do u think i shld exchange tis for damier for a stress-free bag or shld i just keep tis :confused1: wat do ya think.... (ps:i alrdy hv a damier speedy 25 dat was the reason i chose Azur for tis saleya as I wanted 2 different color)
    Saleya MM.JPG Saleya MM bag.JPG
  2. I cannot see the picture but I think Azur is easy to clean as well...
  3. i can't see the pic too
  4. RACHEL~!!!! :nuts:

    Keep the Saleya MM Azur, u KNOW that's my NEXT bag!
  5. Definitely keep the Azur. I absolutely love that bag!!
  6. No question! Keep the azur! It's easy to keep clean.
  7. Keep the Azur. Just because someone else had problems with it doesnt mean that you will. Plus it sounds like the Azur was the one that you really wanted. Don't let others talk you out of your bag.
  8. Keep the Azur!!!
  9. I've been using my Azur saleya MM nonstop for over a month now, with no problems what-so-ever!!! Keep it!!!!!
  10. I like the Saleya MM in Azur better than the Damier, so i say: Keep it!
  11. lovely, how sweet of your mom! keep it!
  12. I like the Azur better than the damier!
    Colour transfer? Go and get a tube of those stain removal agent for leather and non leather only.Real easy cleaning:yes:
    Azur looks great!
  13. keep it!
  14. Adore the azur! In the Saleya it must be to die for... keep it for sure!
  15. When I bought my azur pochette the SA told me not to hold it beside blue jeans because the colour would transfer.