Yey I finally got my Coach Pond Shoulder Bag!

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  1. I am so excited I got my Coach Pond shoulder bag today! I am now selling my Coach Rose shoulder bag on eBay to pay for the pond one, I could not decide which one to keep but the arrival of this beauty today sealed the deal, the blue will match everything! What do you all think of the Pond?
  2. Yea!!! :yahoo:

    Such a lovely color... and it does go with everything!! Enjoy it!!
  3. I love the pond. I think it's beautiful. Congrats!
  4. Blue, turquoise, teal and other variations (including pond!) are my new favorite accent colors! They go with far more than I ever dreamed they would. Congratulations on a great purchase!
  5. I love the pond color. Congrats.
  6. I got my pond shoulder bag (that I've been wanting for a long time) this week too. I absolutely love it! We're both part of the pond family now! Congrats to you! Enjoy! :yahoo:
  7. I dont have any all leather. Love signature too much. But if I did have leather I would want it to be pond!!
  8. Yay! I love my pond bag.
  9. i love that color..congradulations!!
  10. Did I just buy your rose shoulder bag? I am going to return the one I got last month that came with ink stains and keep the one I just did a BIN on... ;)
  11. Congrats!
  12. Yes you did buy it! I am going to package it up for you right now, it is so so pretty I could not justify having the pond and the rose! You are sure to enjoy! I will send it out for you tomorrow it will arrive freshly packaged in the gift box with the red ribbon, thanks for your purchase! How cool we are both on TPF!
  13. Yeah, the one I got from Coach was the last one they had and they couldn't guarantee the condition. I got it and haven't used it (you could see my other posts about it) because it appeared to have a red and a blue ink spot (just a dot) on it. It was freaking me out but I didn't want to lose the bag. So it has been sitting in my room waiting...
  14. Thanks again!
  15. Congrats and enjoy your new bag!!