YEY! Anthra08 CP!

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  1. This one is a story, lol. For almost a year I had a beauty black CP from ss07, with probably the best leather on any BBag I have (even better than my plomb courier and 03 weekender!) Then a couple weeks ago it was a friends bday... well, to make a long story short, I left my pretty in a cab after one too many drinks, and never saw it again :crybaby:

    In true bbag crazed fashion, I saw this as an excuse to get another coin purse :tup: After waiting two long weeks, the 2008 anthracite/charcol cp is mine!! And it's beautiful, especially the leather.

    Even though it's called Anthracite, BalNY calls it Charcol for good reason. Unlike my plomb or some Anthr07s I've seen, you DEFINITELY will not mistake this for black. It's a true dark charcol grey, but soooo pretty, quite possibly the most perfect grey bal has done so far. Here are some pics, including a plomb comparison. I had an impossible time capturing the true color, but it looks closest to the last one (no flash by itself)

    I've thought I'd never say this, EVER, but... thank god I lost my Balenciaga! :graucho:
    IMG_1500 resize.jpg
    No flash v.s plomb

    IMG_1501 resize.jpg
    Flash v.s plomb

    IMG_1502 resize.jpg
    flash by itself

    IMG_1504 resize.jpg
    no flash by itself
  2. So sorry to hear about your black CP....hopefully you didn't lose anything else valuable along with it.

    I thinkthe new anthra is a great alternative to black, it's such a pretty, rich grey. Congrats on your new beauty!
  3. Gorgeous!! I just ordered an anthracite day and am LOVING the color in your pictures. I hope that mine is as gorgeous as yours!
  4. thanks for the comparison shots. 08 anthra has turned out to be true to what it's meant to be: a dark grey with no undertones like 07's. sorry about your black CP and congrats on the replacement!
  5. Glad you finally filled that lost CP's spot -- enjoy!! :tup:
  6. This is lovely! Congratulations!
  7. i love your new replacement..its gorgeus!
  8. Congrats! I am so happy that you found a new "love"! Horrible to loose you darling in a cap after one too many drinks (yup, been there done that,lol) new friend is gorgeous!

  9. I'm sorry about you losing your blk CP but i'm glad you love your new one even more! I agree & think this is the perfect grey as well!
    Your new CP is Fabulous!!
  10. What a cutie. :PThese little things are so addictive. :Push:You Anthra CP is gorgeous. Congrats.:yahoo:
  11. Great shot :tup:! I've been wanting to see this comparison for a long time. Perfect! thanks for posting.

  12. Love it. :yahoo:Congrat!!! Anthracite and Black cherry are my favorites this fall, wish I had money to buy them both
  13. I love anthra-- your anthra cp is delish! Congrats and thanks for sharing comparison pics!
  14. Gorgeous! I had no clue it was that light. It almost looks like Argent in your pictures. This is what Plombe should have looked like.
  15. beautiful coin purse - glad your story had a happy ending :rolleyes:
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