Yeva black biker boots $696!

  1. You are gonna love these boots! The ties are a challenge tho. I tie them in a square knot and then slip the ends thru the bottom's the only way to keep them from coming untied and flying around when you walk.
  2. good for you, gyrllayney! enjoy them!:yes:
  3. Congratulations Gyrllayney! After seeing JM's photos I have no doubt you're gonna love the boots with your Ring bag as well! :yes:
  4. wow, that's a great deal! Enjoy it Gyrllayney!
  5. JM - thanks for the advice and ALSO for posting the modeling pics, you hot woman, you! You really rocked those boots and Ring bag... I couldn't resist. I'll be sure to post pics, too.
  6. Thanks, Mick and Abi!!!
  7. Aren't you looking to get these boots, too, Stinkerbelle? I hope they're a keeper. Only once did I purchase footwear over $125 - and that was for my $250 wedding heels. So these Choo boots are going to be my very first pair of high-end designer shoes.
  8. They're gorgeous looking boots. I saw (I should clarify, I felt up) a pair at a local shoe boutique and they feel so cozy and wonderful. I didn't dare try them on for fear I'd be tempted. I think they would be totally worth it! :yes:
  9. I came really close to buying the Yukon boots when they initially went on sale, but decided to wait until they went to 50% off but by then I completely missed them as they of course sold out really fast!

    The Yeva boots too...although they only made it to 30% off they also sold out quickly.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of them when you get them....they look SO great on JM and especially with the Ring bag, I know you're going to be really happy that you splurged on them! And uh...if not....and they're a size 8? Yeah, my address is 21....;)

  10. I just totally pictured that and it made me LOL! :roflmfao:
  11. Thanks GyrlLayney...Can't wait to see some better modeling pics when you get yours! Like I said, your gonna love them! I have worn mine at least 10 times since getting them a couple of weeks ago so if you divide the wearings by the price, it is a little easier to justify:graucho:.