yet to be a "collection"

  1. joining the purseforum has brought out the inner purselover in me... hopefully i can expand into a real collection soon despite being broke on student loans!=)
    100_0748.JPG 100_0740.JPG 100_0744.JPG 100_0745.JPG 100_0746.JPG 100_0747.JPG
  2. The Monogram Multicolor pochette is nice, and I really like the second bag (made of leather)!!!
  3. Lovely bags!
    The colour of the 3rd is great :amuse:
  4. I like your pochette. I always thought that was one lovely purse!
  5. Aww.. love the MC pochette ! And lots of us are debt ridden students, myself included ! :biggrin:
  6. Nice collection!
  7. All your bags are so special.
  8. love your collection!!!
  9. pretty collection!
  10. The Kate Spade with the pink handle is too cute!
  11. Love your white MC pouchette :love:.
  12. lovely! buy more.....
  13. It's already a collection! And a lovely one at that! I am especially liking your Kate Spades, the brown bag in picture #2 and your white LV Pochette! Thanks for the pictures!
  14. Your Kate Spades are so adorable!! I've become obsessed with green lately too and I really like your Juicy (is that right?).
  15. I like your Kate Spade with the pink straps. It is too cute.