Yet another zip clutch question

  1. I have a HUGE CRUSH on the quilted zip clutch, I'm open to any colors, black, beige, red (except brown!). But I'm cheap and i don't want to pay full price for it. I want to know whats the best price for these babies, so if you think you got these at a great deal, how much did you pay? I just want to know when it comes on sale, if it's a good price that I should snatch right away!!

    Greatly appreciated!!
  2. On eBay, authentic clutches usually sell for around $160, more for colors that are higher in demand. Beware of eBay though, there are lots of fake ZCs out there. The best I've seen online or instore is about $225, but for a color that wasn't too popular. Usually ZCs online go on sale for about $300 or more... They're too popular to get marked down really low.
  3. Thank you so much! This is really helpful!!
  4. Thanks! That's very helpful!
  5. hmm are they still going for around 160? seems like theyve been going for more now and there are so few on ebay... siigh. i want a zip clutch t:huh:!
  6. me too :sad: with silver hardware to boot. are these really hard to find now?
  7. they have been going for alot more than 160$ if they are new that as you can add an extra 50-150$ bucks to that 160$ and the price would be about right but that depends on the clutch's rarity and current cost in stores and that's for all colors with black costing less, at least in the last couple of weeks. zip clucthes that are USED can go for 160-190$. good luck in finding the clutch you want!
  8. siigh. ill try and be patient.
  9. I got mine on ebay for $200 in pretty good condition, not flawless
  10. I got mine on ebay for 170. It's the patent goat leather in green, like the Ursula patent bowlers... I was honestly surprised that I got it that low. It is in like new condition w/a small black mark on the interior..... good luck!