Yet another Uggs Post!

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  1. yea don't buy them...they are not the "ugg australia" brand that we all wear....
  2. I've never seen those before; I don't know what they are (the first ones). But the labels on the back of the boots is not the same as mine, so I am guessing they are from a different maker. Odd that they are using the same name and not being sued.
  3. I wasn't planning on because they look real fake.
    I already have uggs in chestnut and sand and the logo looks awful compared to real uggs.
  4. Another vote for "no not real" The label not only looks fake, but sooo cheap looking as well. I don't believe Ugg has ever made that kind of label.
  5. This is the disclaimer message from that website ( They are not the Uggs that we are use to seeing.....

    "DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with the American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation and we don't sell their products. Unlike many other on-line retailers, we don't sell products that are made in China. Please don't confuse our products with the Deckers "UGG Australia" brand. All the products in our range are made in Australia from the finest Australian sheepskin by Australian manufacturers.
    We ship worldwide, but not to the USA. Deckers Outdoor Corporation has exclusive rights for selling ugg boots in the USA."

    Note: sells the "real" Uggs and has free shippping and no sales tax. I've purchased Uggs from them with no problem. They are located in CA.
  6. has the greatest selection of authentic Uggs I have seen plus free shipping and no tax! :tup: