Yet another surprise-bag!

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  1. I've had several Ants... neither one of them made my heart sing, and they have all gone to new homes. Yesterday I went to a little shop nearby and what did I find on the shelf:nuts: Ooh, yes - brand new oak Darwin Ant!

    Well, it has been handled by customers over the past years(yes, years!) - and has developed a nice patina. It seems that every time they sold one, they took a new one, and so little Darwin Ant was left on the shelf waiting for me to come and give him a home - got a nice discount, too!:yahoo: He was a little thirsty, and got plenty to drink when we got home - and now he is in pretty good shape!

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  2. Now that is EXACTLY the type of bag I'm looking for - he's gorgeous!
  3. Gorgeous! Lucky you who has a nice little shop that sells Mulberries nearby :biggrin:
  4. a classic congrats!
  5. What a stroke of luck - such lovely leather!
  6. Wow you just had to rescue poor little ant. He looks really beautiful. What a great find.
  7. What a handsome boy Kris! Lucky you for finding him!!
  8. Gosh, what a beauty! Congrats :smile:
  9. Wow what a find! You mean you have never gone into that shop before but just realised they have Mulberry!?
  10. Congratulations! What a beautiful leather!
  11. A happy ending - it's finally found a good home.
  12. What a great find Kris Well done and Congratulations! Dream find these days, darwin leather in a shop.
  13. Thank you so much, girls - I am so pleased with him:biggrin:
    rr - I knew they had Mulberry, but I haven't been there for years!
  14. Oh Kris - well done! What an utterly gorgeous Anthony - the leather is so beautiful.

    Would you mind my asking what treatments you gave him?

    Ells xx
  15. Congrats on your lovely new bag ! What a great thing to just find it like that.