Yet another shameless request for happy vibes!!

  1. OK all, I've got another interview tomorrow a.m. and I don't want to jinx it but it's pretty dang cool.

    I applied for this position randomly online, and the next day I got an email from a Director I used to work with two jobs ago (about 4 years ago) and we had lost track of eachother as it happens.

    Turns out, he works at this company I'm applying at, found my resume and marched it straight over to his vice president saying hey you've gotta take a look at this! :tup: wowza!!

    So I'm very excited and optimistic...after a month of full time interviewing I'm getting the hang of it again and, fresh manicure and outfit ready to roll, will be back at it again in the a.m.

    Happy thoughts, please, happy thoughts!! :wlae:
  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good Luck!
  3. sending over super duper vibes!
  4. :woohoo:

    That's so cool!!!

    BF always says never to burn bridges with anyone, especially in business.

    Wishing you the very best tomorrow!

    Let us know how it goes! :yes:
  5. ^^ You guys ROCK!! Thanks so much! Gr8, your BF is right on with that just never know who's gonna come through for you from your past!!

  6. Good luck can't wait to hear how it works out!!
  7. Sending good vibes! GOOD LUCK!!
  8. *doing the super-duper good vibe dance, which includes jazz-hands*

    Good luck
  9. :tup::woohoo:
  10. So excited for you!!! Lots of happy thoughts and poitive thoughts on the way to you!

    Good luck, although I know you don't need it ....cuz you're going to bowl them over!
  11. Good luck! You will do awesome! Keep us posted, we're rooting for you!
  12. yeahhh so exciting let us know
  13. :yahoo::yahoo:HAPPY THOUGHTS !!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    This is super great news, I really hope all goes well! Please keep us updated and I'll be sending super positive vibes your way :nuts::nuts:
  14. Congrats at your opportunity! Good luck!!
  15. Wishing you the best!