Yet Another Scam

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  1. I can't remember if this has been discussed here recently. Excuse me if it has, I just want to give all you ladies a heads up on a recent scam on Ebay.

    I just received an email asking me about shipping on one of my items. It simply asks how fast they can get it. What they really want is your personal email address in an effort to hijack your account. Do not answer. If you do, make sure that it is from your ebay account and ALWAYS check the box that hides your email.

    I sometimes forget to check that box. I don't know why ebay doesn't do it the other way around and give you the option to uncheck it.

    I am always amazed at how many crooks there are out there!

  2. Just to let you know. That sometimes those questions are VERY LEGIT!

    Im in Alaska, and I often email a seller about shipping. One, because sometimes it costs more to ship here and two, sometimes it takes longer. So I tend to ask and make sure Im going to get it in a reasonable time frame!
  3. Often they are trying to get your user name and password, not just your email address, as when you click on 'reply' it looks like you are logging into ebay but you're not.

    If it is not in your inbox on ebay it's a hacker.

    I get these all the time and just delete them.
  4. Yes,
    I realize that often they are very legit. This one however had 0 feedback and the user name was similar to the names you get with the solicitation emails.

    Unfortunately, some people new to ebay selling are not familiar with them, and it can cause alot of problems for them.

    Just wanted to let you know.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Some people are unbelieveable with the scams they try to pull.
  6. A good rule of thumb --

    NEVER put in your username and password to ANY website unless you specifically typed the URL (web address) in your browser. Don't trust ANY links.. ever!

    I'm paranoid :smile:
  7. How would someone asking about shipping costs get your name address or password? I am missing something here.
  8. How would someone asking about shipping costs get your name address or password? I am missing something here.

    From what I understand, once you reply, they get your personal email. When they have that, they send you additional emails with links, hoping you'll log through it. The shipping question is just a means to get your email to begin the process.

    I know in the past, I have answered many questions from my personal email. In the beginning, when I was naive about all these scams, I might have logged in without even thinking. Unfortunately people do all the time and these scammers know it.

  9. If everyone just used my messages in eBay you wouldnt be at risk
  10. Yes, some hackers will use this way to hack ppl's acc :Push: make us not suspicious them and think it's from potential buyers.