Yet another reason to stay out of Walmart

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    I agree that this could happen anywhere. But I do feel bad for both the guy and the snake.

    My mom once found a tarantula in a bunch of bananas. She was young at the time and screamed bloody murder until my dad came running. She told him what she saw, and where it went, and he dismissed the idea that it could be a tarantula (they are NOT native to our area), but looked for it anyway. Well, he found it and caught it and sure enough, it was a giant hairy spider. Wolf spiders are the only thing even close around here, and it definitely was not one of those. So strange beasties can show up almost anywhere with the way thing ship around the country/world.
  2. That's like that story about an Ontario family that found a black widow spider in a bag of grapes.

  3. :roflmfao:

  4. You're not missing a thing!
  5. Guess it depends on the location. My walmart is really clean, spacious and nice.

    Think we'd have a lesser chance of encountering a snake in Toronto though.
  6. Omg poor mother! I would have screamed myself deaf!

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