Yet another question...

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  1. I recently inquired about how easy it is to get the Evelyne bag. Thank you everyone for all the help. I am getting this bag so I can travel around with it and go easy shopping and etc... but I recently saw the Jypsiere bag. Which would be more functional? I was wondering if it is as easy to get? and also how much are they? I looked around the reference library forever, but could not find it...sorrryy!!!
  2. Welcome to the H forum. Jypsieres are readily found in the boutiques. Just go to your local H and inquire. As for cost, they are ~8500+ or so? I'm not exactly sure, but I know they are far above the evelyne price point. It's a great messenger bag, but I find cumbersome to get in and out. Additionally, it's rather large, not for me, but it looks great on everyone else!! One major difference other than the obvious hardware and price is finished inside which I find much nicer. Additionally, when you place items in the Jypsiere, they do not "poke" out, like they do inside the evelynes. Best for you to go to H and try it out for yourself. I bet it will look great on you!
  3. Thanks hermesmonkey! You are the best!!! But I don't know if I want to spend a birkin price for it since I am going to be beating this bag around. hehe
  4. I agree, it's a lot of money for a messenger bag. Are you only looking for messenger bags? H makes a lot of other GREAT bags that are around the evelyne price point or just a little more.
  5. I think the price is the most significant factor the bag hasn't sold well.

    If you are in the US, I think you would be spoilt for choice in finding a size and colour that you fancy.
  6. I was also thinking about the jypsiere but the price made me go for an evelyne instead. I know it's not zippered, but when I travel, I usually have the messenger towards the front and a jacket over the bag, so pickpocketers would have a hell of a time getting into it.
  7. I've never tried on the jypsiere, but from what I've seen, it looks like it is built to take everyday wearing. I too like that it is finished on the inside unlike the evelyne, but the price does stop me in my tracks! I don't like it more than a birkin or kelly for that price.

  8. Yes... I travel a lot so I want a messenger bag with sturdy leather that can survive for long years...hehe.

    Guess I'm gonna have to settle with an Evelyene!


    anyone know if the evelyene comes in exotic leathers? :wtf:
    :graucho: It might be a nice gift from my dh for our coming up anniversary...
  9. If messenger is a must, I think the evelyne is a perfect choice. Go get it!!
  10. jypsey is the same price about as a birkin. i tired it on in paris and the opening wasn't for me. i really wanted a messenger bag and i bought the evelyne before i went but would have also bought a jypsey as i really enjoy a messenger great for when i go grocery shopping or even sightseeing and a lot of walking, better for my bad back.

    the problem is as some said, the difficulty of gettng in and out of the bag when closed. open the inside pocket can't be used easily as the flap covers it and the way it hangs open i felt it was not secure to easy to get into it was like wide open and inviting, different than the birkin. it is a great looking bag and i love it on others just doesn't work for me.

    also weight, the jypsey is much heavier than the evelyne because it is finished and lined but i think the best is for you to try them out yourself. good luck

    sorry for no caps my keyboard is having problems.
  11. I have several Evelynes and the 37cm Jypsiere. People literally stop me on the street when I am out and comment on the Jypsiere. It is heavier, but it was worth every penny I paid for it :smile: It is also very easy to get in and out of if you just close the strap assembly under the flap and let the flap hang over it. I do love my Evelynes though! I just wish their was some way to close the top completely. Either bag is a great choice! :heart:
  12. The main draw-back for me with the Jypsiere when I looked at one a couple of months ago (if i remember correctly) was that it doesn't have "feet". So placing it on the floor would be a sore point for me. (especially at that price!)
  13. Thanks everyone!!! I am sooo excited about my future purchase!

    But I guess evelynes and jypsiere don't exist in exotic leathers since no one mentioned it?...
  14. Evelyne no - Jypsiere was in croc on the runway from memory but I don't know if this has gone into regular production.

    But I can't imagine beating one around, even if you could get it in croc I doubt it would be workhorse/travel bag. It would also be very expensive.