Yet another question on what to buy...

  1. Just wanted some help about what purse I should buy. I know this is the Chloe forum but please don't show favoritism:smile: I love Chloe but don't know which I would like better

    Chloe large black patent leather betty (Is this too big a bag? I"m 5'1")
    Gucci gucissima leather pelham?

  2. Gosh - I truly cannot say! You must decide by "feeling" it. Which one sings to you more? Other than that there may be the practical consideration with your height. The Betty is an awfully big bag and I would find some way to determin how it looks on you before/if you buy it.
  3. It sounds like a big bag! I do like the simplicity of the betty but it is also borderline boring??? The Gucci has more personality
  4. What do you think of the gucci?
  5. In all honesty and as much as I like Chloe I think this particular one will be too big for you....The Pelham might be better!
  6. Do you like the gucci pelham??? Anyone?? opinions?
  7. I am in love with the Betty, so I am biased...:love:
    I think there are too many Gucci fakes out there, so I wouldnt like to carry one myself...
    Maybe you could look for a small or medium Betty or, even, a mini Paddington that would suit your taste and frame...:confused1:
  8. Pelham is one of my favourite Gucci bags...but you could also think about getting another Chloe style thats better suits your frame!
  9. I personally would go for the betty (I want one for myself) but in a smaller size. I'm not familiar with the Gucci bag, but am not loving it from the pictures.
  10. my mum has this gucci!~ it looks good and the leather is nice~ especially the braided handles~ but honestly i'll have to say that they are not the most comfortable to hold and does not sit on the shoulder properly IMO~ i'm not sure about the betty as i havent seen one IRL
  11. I think the opposite is true... to me, the gucci is not a bag you would notice and actually seems a bit boring... I think the betty has that rocker edge to it!

    NB. I don't own a betty, so i'm unbiased LOL
  12. Absolutely the Betty. I think this Gucci is a tad ordinary, sorry...
  13. I have a couple of Gucci bags and they are classics but I am thinking a smaller Betty would work well for you. Betties are ultra cool. I know at first you think they are boring but look at the Betty Lovers forum and see how good Kate Moss looks in hers. Edgier than you realize, Especially if they are in a cool material like patent or metallic. Don't get me wrong - I hate to advise you on anything since I really feel it has to come from YOUR gut alone. It is a lot of money either way and you should feel totally thrilled!
  14. I have two of the small betties, one in Whiskey and the other in the red patent. I LOVE these bags. This is my opinion, of course. I did have a large betty but it was way too big. I think that if you could find a small patent betty, you would be thrilled. In the end though, it is your choice. Go with what you love! Good luck.