Yet ANOTHER question about the sale

  1. Forgive me and my 1,000 questions....this will be my first Gucci sale, trying to prepare.;)

    Do the horsebit hobos tend to go on sale? I'd like the medium in brown guccissima, and I'm looking at a couple of gently used ones on eBay that are $650 - $700. If they go on sale, and the leather is 40% off, I could get a NEW one for $750 anyway.... but I'd hate to wait and have them end up NOT going on sale....
  2. I say wait. There will always be ones on eBay. I just DON'T trust eBay. Way to many fakes out there. You only have to wait a few more weeks for the Gucci sale. If you do decide to buy it off ebay make sure to have someone here authenticate it first before bidding on it. You do not want to find out later that it is a fake.

    Also I also suggest keeping an eye on Their inventory is always changing. I can check a few times a day and there are always different items up there every time I check. Also Neiman Marcus is having a sale tomorrow night. You can always try calling them to see if they have it.


    Just be VERY careful when buying from EBAY.
  3. I tried authenticating about 4 bags from ebay and they turned out to be fake so I gave up and snatched up my bag from bluefly.

    I say wait, don't take the risk!
  4. Besides, the bag will show up again on ebay.. I say wait and see how the sale goes.
  5. I don't think it will go on sale in june.
  6. I know the horsebit hobo's are classic bags, and I've heard the classics don't usually go on sale. I wouldn't mind owning a gently used one, especially since it would be more of an everyday bag. The one I'm looking at is authentic (thanks to the girls in the 'authenticate this' thread, I've gotten pretty darn good at spotting reals from fakes), and I might be able to get the seller to come down a bit from $700, too, but that's SO close to what a new one would cost on sale. I will probably wait, but I get so impatient....

    Man, I wish someone had the inside scoop about what will or won't be going on sale!!
  7. I don't trust Ebay at all.

    I would either go to the sale, buy at regular price or look at Bluefly. I haven't read anything about Gucci being fake on BF yet.

    Good Luck.
  8. ^Mickalia you are correct..the classics don't go on sale..IKWYM about ebay..I was lucky and bought my chocolate guccissima medium chain on ebay..and she happened to be a member here..So it's legit...Good luck on getting your bag!
  9. But not everyone on Ebay is legit. I still think you should be careful about what you purchase there unless you know for a fact the person is on this board and the items are real.
  10. <P>the medium horsebit hobos were 650 last year.&nbsp; And sometimes these bags get a second markdown. <IMG alt=0 src="" border=0 smilieid="42"> </P>
  11. So the medium horsebit hobos were on sale last year? Guccissima, too?
  12. I would have to confirm that usually the classic bags wont go on sale, but the patterns that are solely for the cruise bags, or the fall bags, probably will be on sale...Neiman's last call usually ends a little before July 4th and they are starting to show some stuff on the website. As it gets closer, the good bags will start to emerge..if you live near a Neiman's store and your timing is right/you can shmooze, you could probably get a salesperson to hold one for you in back until it goes on last call..they will do it a couple weeks before, so i would check maybe end of june?
  13. i would never use ebay to buy designer handbags..way too many fakes out there -- they're getting better and better too :sad:

  14. .......:nuts: Where is this GUCCI SALE?! lol.

  15. At the Gucci stores and at