yet another poll... please help!!


trying to get my first bbag... what should i do?

  1. buy a marine city in RH

  2. buy an aquamarine city in RH

  3. buy an anthracite city in RH

  4. none of the above - wait until some other color grabs you and move on

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  1. i've been totally obsessing over bbags lately and i'm sorry i'm doing this but i have to ask for your suggestions again! i hope you guys aren't sick of me! :p

    ok so if you remember my previous poll i said i narrowed it down to marine or anthracite city in RH but french blue and aquamarine actually have been growing on me as well. and since french blue is sold out that just makes it even more desirable.

    i'm thinking maybe the reason why i am so indecisive is that i don't 100% love any of these colors. so that makes me wonder if i should just wait and see if other colors will pop out at me and make the decision for me.

    so here's my dilemma now.

    1. pick a color between marine, aquamarine, and anthracite and just order one already!

    2. try to find french blue and if i can't, just wait until some other color grabs me.

  2. I would wait to find a colour I loved!
  3. I vote Aquamarine first, Marine second!! I love both of them!!
  4. IMO, you should hold off until you fall in looooove with a bag! B-bags are way too pricey for you to buy one that you only "like."
  5. ok guys. i really wanted to put an end to this crazy obsession so i had to make a decision!

    i called up Saks and ordered me an aqua city. i'm still not 100% sold on the color (because i haven't seen it IRL) but i figured i could always return it if the color doesn't work out for me. this way i could try it out but don't have to commit! :sweatdrop:
  6. CONGRATS! I'm glad you ordered what you really wanted! I can't wait to see pics!
  7. I have voted my choice.....i will go for aquamarine city in RH....cheers
  8. Great choice ! i keep my fingers crossed so that u totally :heart: your aqua pics when it arraives anyway pretty please! :yes:
  9. i guess u should wait :p
    the lesson i learnt about replacement is :
    although it kinda satisfied you, but it won't last long, u'll still be contemplating the one you wish to have at the beginning.