yet another PINK's a girly med FLAP!! *lots of pics!!*

  1. i am sooooo in love~~!!!! this is one of the cutest bag i've ever owned! i went crazy with pics.....thank you for letting me share this excitment with you guys!

    i just got this pink baby yesterday *brand new* --- but i wasn't quite ready for "ANOTHER NEW BAG?!!!!" comment from girls at work (even though i'm their boss!!!) so i had to PROTECT it with my LV bag......... it was a good thing, i found green pen mark on the poor LV on the way home from work from my little princess.....!!!!! lol

    big thank you and hugs to Lani....thank you~!:tender::heart:

    <<<warning....lots of pics to follow>>>
    she always wants MY stuff!!! lol
    with out flash --- inside the house
    w/o flash....inside car!
    w/o flash....i was driving like this, so i can look at how pretty my new bag is~!!! lol
    but i didn't take pics until i was at our driveway - i swear!
    in the house...w/o flash --- my pink medallion tote is pretty light in color....flap is darker pink.....i put VS paper bag for color ref....
    hello kitty mirror is my original?!!! i blang it with swavorski rhinstones one by one....i can hang it on my bag as bag charm (for my daughter;))
    DSC00794.JPG DSC00795.JPG DSC00803.JPG DSC00804.JPG DSC00821.JPG
  2. Very cute bag but your daughter is even cuter!!! It looks like she can't wait to get the bag herself!
  3. aw i love it !
    i love pink bags too.

    may i ask the price for this beauty ?
  4. Congrats!! Pink lady!
  5. so....we're home now from work....but my daughter fell asleep and i didn't wanna wake her up ---- so i started play with my bag....LOL
    poor baby....
    she is sleeping pretty good...and mommy is putting her bag on her like a blanket!!!!! :sweatdrop:
    wow, it fits alot!!
    i even put a diaper and bag of wipes....!
    i'm still in the car, doing this...... it was about 100 degrees outside!!! (but it was pretty nice and cool in a car!)
    more pics to come...
    DSC00800.JPG DSC00801.JPG DSC00805.JPG DSC00806.JPG dsc00809.jpg
  6. my small chanel family!
    and this is what's in my bag pic....yes, i'm finally in the house!
    i have auth card and booklet thingie....cuz this bag just came to me yesterday!!! lol i keep my camera in my LV cig case....i never leave the house without it~~~!
    and i have to have 2 sets of car keys (one for my car and DH's)
    but if i take daiper and wipes out, i can put my original kitty mirror in there....
    this way, i can even change my wallet to longer one....diaper takes a lot of poor new flap, taking abuse already --- i stuff my bags to max!
    DSC00813.JPG dsc00827.jpg dsc00828.jpg DSC00829.JPG dsc00831.jpg
  7. Congrats! It's so cute! I love being able to come here and celebrate people's purchases! I know it's hard to find people who are as excited about these bags as much as we are here!
  8. lovely, lovely purse!
  9. i soooo know girls at work are adding up how much i've been spending on bags today, i had to HIDE my new love...
    i am very materialistic....but it's all right!!!
    she woke up....and went to sleep i played....again. bad mama.
    i really wanted to her to model....but everything i have in this bag and the chain was little too heavy for her, i guess it is a good thing!!!
    it's cute inside and out!
    DSC00844.JPG DSC00834.JPG dsc00832.jpg DSC00833.JPG DSC00811.JPG
  10. I love your collection. I'm def an accessories girl, but your bags are gorgeous :smile:
  11. thank you ladies for your sweetest comment!!!! can you tell i'm so freakin' excited?!!!!:yahoo::heart::yahoo::heart::yahoo:

    i got it from a lovely tPFer.....she had NM price tag on it...
    i paid $1995 plus shipping~!!! still ouch though.....LOL

    my DH doesn't know how much i paid for it (yet) --- i'm thinking about telling him....hmmmm 1/4 price?!!:idea:
  12. Aww, your daughter is soo adorable! :tender: Congrats on your stunning '05 pink flap, ahh!! :nuts: I have and adore this bag... the perfect bright shade of pink that makes any outfit a little more girly and fun! :heart: Enjoy!! :yahoo:
  13. LOVE it - gorgeous bag, but your daughter is even more beautiful :smile:
  14. i couldn't find any other pink that are similar in color....
    i've never had barbie....but i had to get 'em!!! for my little one, of course.
    this is little brighter pink than fucsia(what?!! can't spell...)
    but def not a salmon pink.
    it's little bit lighter than LV vernis framboise (see the agenda right next to it...)
    i had to get this vic secret pink's polka dots inside and reversible....and $15!!!!!
    all PINK!!!! just for fun.....
    we have sooooooooooooo much pink stuff all over the house!
    i love my bags~!:heart:
    DSC00846.JPG DSC00848.JPG DSC00823.JPG DSC00816.JPG DSC00820.JPG
  15. hiiiii!!!!
    i was hoping you'd see this thred!!!! lol:heart:;):heart:
    trust me, i was sooooo obsessed with this pink bag and i saw your thred and pics over and over!!!!! LOL
    thank you for helping me getting this bag ---- you def inspired me to spend big$$$!:push: hahahaha

    thank you for leaving me a lovely comment!!! =D and ohhhh yessss, i'll enjoy it so much!!!!