Yet ANOTHER Ostrich question...

  1. What about weight? In comparison with other leathers, how heavy or light is Ostrich? My 32cm Togo Kelly can actually be a little on the heavy side and I'm just wondering how heavy a 32cm rigide Ostrich Kelly would be......or any Ostrich bag for that matter...

    Just also want to thank you guys for putting up with these endless questions........


    Obviously it would be a good thing if I could actually SEE an ostrich bag in person....but unless the Gods rain Hermes bags here in San Francisco that just 'aint gonna happen.:sad:
  2. come to Maine and see mine lol!!! Well when I did the "test" of what I have, the 30 togo birkin was heaviest, 32 ostrich kelly middle and the chevre 32 kelly I do think it's lighter than togo..slightly...HTH! I don't mind your questions at all - this is how we all learn!!! Well except for the blue bag thing but I'm trying to let that go :smile:
  3. ^ I agree - ostrich is def. lighter than togo (or clemence, for that matter). So whatcha buying this time?;)
  4. Shopmom, I've also heard it's lighter than Togo. Ostrich, like Chevre, is what I call a super-skin! Can be dressy or casual, luxe, can take rain, lightweight. Just get that Kelly already!!!

    GT (running for cover. Actually, I want an O Kelly but can't do it for a LONG time so I'm trying to live vicariously though you!!)
  5. Shoes....:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Hermes_Lemming.....(it might be a 32cm gold ostrich kelly...vintage-y, luscious, and if i can get that one comment i made in the other thread out of my head, it would be the bag i grow old with...well along with the others)

    Greentea....I should just get the thing, I know. But Black Box Bolide hasn't even made a splash landing yet! And the money tree in the back yard is looking pretty bare, I might add. :sad:
  6. Ostrich is by far the ligthest leather Hermes makes. And Shopmom, gold ostrich....YUM! :love:
  7. Shopmom...I think ostrich might be the lightest? Oh...I'm no help just anxious with you about the gold ostrich!! To help you a little...I rarely see gold ostrich Kellys since I've been searching eBay for about 5 years. But I know if you buy it you'll probably see tons of them!!...that's my luck!
  8. Really....just go for it!!! You will love it.....
  9. I know, lovehermes....and that's MY luck too.....
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