Yet Another MarcLV123 Original Garment *PICS*

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  1. Hey everyone so last time I checked up with you guys was in the middle of my Fashion classes and today was the last day so heres what I came up with. The description was written neatly and placed on my garment for grading (I got an A BTW.)

    "I drew inspiration from the beach. Its simple and yet classy. Wood buttons and a braided sash complete the look. Dress it up dress it down. Put a belt on it it was all about simplicty in this design. You asked for something sexy its mid thight opaque with seams that exentuat(sp) the bust and back."

    The first picture is my printed ad that I would use.
    The second is the dress in colour.
    The third is the back of the dress and me :smile:.
  2. :nuts: I love it! You have a bright future ahead of you!
  3. I love it :smile:
  4. gorgeous im sure will be seeing your pieces one day in all the highend boutiques!
  5. Very elegant! I love it.
  6. I'm very impressed. You did such a beautiful job. Great style, colour and texture. well done.
  7. It is very pretty! Your designs will probably be in my closet one day
  8. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing your stuff on runways soon hehe ;)
  9. very lovely!
  10. Beautiful! You have a lot of talent! I also love your magazine ad, it looks like it belongs in Vogue.
  11. love it! really nice details
  12. Lovely dress!!!

    Congratulations on you well-deserved 'A' ! :woohoo:
  13. Congratulations on the VERY well deserved A grade, great job! :yahoo:
  14. Amazing work :nuts: LOVE the faint stripes

    I def. could see Dita wear this, it somehow has a very cool 40s/Mob/Pin-Up style to me, kwim? :yes:
  15. I love it, congratulations on your A. Well deserved!!