...Yet another Mahina Q. Bronze vs. Black

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  1. Hi!
    I've been posting sooo many Mahina questions. I just know I'll be done asking when I finally get a Mahina :graucho:

    So, between bronze and black, which one do you prefer more?

    I have only seen a bronze L at a dim restaurant where it looked silver. It did look very very pretty but can't be certain because I don't know what it looks like in a diff setting. I am worried it will look like a huge foil bag. Black, on the other hand, I've tried it on a few times... I know black will go with pretty much any colour outfit, but not sure w/ bronze.

    There were lots of discussions on gris vs. black but not bronze vs. black yet!
    I'm looking forward to see what you think...
  2. DEFINITELY bronze!
  3. wow that was a quick response. Thanks!
  4. Black. I would worry that the bronze color would peel with wear.
  5. Black for sure!
  6. black
  7. Black..i would be fearful of growing tired of a metallic bag, but there is always a need for a black one.
  8. black also
  9. Black
  10. Black :smile:
  11. black!!!!!!!!!
  12. Black gets my vote
  13. Bronze!!
  14. Black!
  15. Both are gorgeous, but I would go for black!
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