Yet another LV story

  1. This afternoon I went to this place called Hong Lou Si (Red Snail Temple) for a school excursion.

    I brought along my LV Cup Artimon bag, my camera inside Mono Wapity, wore my LV sandals and my Azur Conspiration GM sunnies.

    Even though most of you would probably know this, but I'm gonna say it anyway. WAPITY ROCKS! It attracts so much attention. Some people just kept staring at it. LOL!

    And someone also said that I look like a celebrity with my sunnies! Definitely one of the best compliments I have ever received LOL! :yes:

    Anyway, just wanted to share that story with you guys..
  2. you should've said "yes!" and get free stuff :graucho:
  3. ^
    Yeah, and you should've done it with some european or asian accent to make it more convincing. ;)
  4. Sounds like you had a good time! :smile: Ohhh yeah, LV is all about styyyyle. The sunnies do make you look and feel like a superstar, lol. My male colleagues whom I often hang out with for lunch, would always put on that fake amazed look on their faces whenever I whip out my sunnies. They crack me up :p
  5. Good to hear a nice story. Agreed, lv sunnies are *very* nice. Lol, freebies at a temple...what could they give you? :confused1:
  6. ^
    I thought it was a restaurant. I really have no clue though. :sweatdrop:
  7. ^ I have no idea. I'm from Melbourne and I don't know a red snail temple. But then again I am notoriously unaware. Err, free blessings? Lol. I think I'll be getting a pair of lv sunnies to get a slice of the pseudo-celeb action!
  8. I'm not even from australia, so I definetly wouldn't know. =P

    Definelty get a pair of LV sunglasses, they are like no other sunglasses from similar fashion houses. You can actually feel the quality difference. :nuts:
  9. Your excursion was laced with some LV glamour, always a good thing!
  10. oo i REALLY need to get a waptiy! do they do it in azur?? the LV site wont work for me atm :sad:
  11. oooh great story!!! love the LV sunnies, i want some! xx
  12. As far as I know they only make them in mongram canvas and multicolore. :sad: I would love to get one in epi or damier as well.
  13. Is it true they have versions for asians as well? If so, wow! That's really catering to their market. Yeah, totally want the glitter obsessions square ones!
  14. I would love a wapity too but I am not sure what I would do with it. I carry too much for it I think - but maybe for little errands I would use it? I would love to know what you all carry in it and what it holds. Maybe I will go peek in the referance section.
  15. lol. Cute story! I want a Wapity for myself, but I'm a big fan of big a** cameras. :sad:

    I've never gotten the compliment that I look like a celebrity, but I have gotten a few comments that I look like a model. :blush: