Yet Another LV Repair Nightmare

  1. Well I finally got the call that my Trompe L'Oeil Pouchette which I had taken in for repairs was ready for pickup. I sent it in to have 4 of the crystals on the front of the bag replaced. I told them to take extra care of my bag as to not chip other crystals since this bag is pretty fragile. I get to the store and the cost of repair is $150 including tax (yes, for 4 crystals). As I inspect my bag, I noticed two other crystals chipped (diff ones), and one which they did replace was not glued properly so it was half hanging out. Oh I was so mad :cursing: What morons!!! Do they not check their work before calling customers in? What a waste of my time. Now my bag goes back to the same morons for another 4 to 6 weeks for the same repairs. What's the deal with LV? I was actually going to buy a couple of items, but I was so turned off by their stupidy, I walked out empty handed.

    What has been your experience? I mean I think they should reduce the cost of the repairs for wasting my time and insulting my intelligence...argh :cursing: Maybe they should take some of that money from the price increase to put these xxxxxxxxs through more training!

    Sorry for the rant, but I'm pretty mad:cursing:
  2. omg id be soooo angry. so sorry this happened to you.
  3. omgoodness that's retarded. i hope they get it right. if i were you, i'd write a letter to the manager and complain.. that's just retarded..
  4. I'm sorry that it's taking them so long to repair your bag...geez....with so many horror stories it's really making me wonder...
  5. ugh! that sucks! i would totally try to get them to reduce the cost of the original repair.
  6. Ooh I' sorry about your Trompe L'Oeil... I know how unfair we've to pay for that high amount then receive very unsatisfy service :hysteric:

    I ever got the similiar experience with my Suhali knee-length boots! I only repair the heels and the cost up to 50% from the new price and make me wait for a few months then I found some obvious glue on that.

    Very horrible...
  7. i totally agree, if we are going to pay good money for the repair and to wait for such a long time for the repair, the least they could do is to do a good job. you should really file complaint. i feel your frustration!
  8. sorry to hear about your experience. they screwed up on my repair too. they put a 30 tab on my mono speedy 25. so just like you, i had to send it back to "REPAIR THEIR REPAIR!" .
  9. Aww, i am sorry to hear this, but you think LV will charge you for the second repair since it's their mistake? Hope everything went well :smile:
  10. After my MC speedy comes back I don't think i will ever send anything in for repair again, unless it's something that effects the funtioning of the bag. I am so afraid to get it back for the 2nd time (yes, they're repairing they're repair!), afraid to see what they may have done to it.
  11. Hope they repair it correctly this time.
  12. Sorry to hear about your pochette... how long more are they going to take?
  13. What a pain! So sorry to hear this!
  14. Oh, how horrid! I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. My Le Fabuleux had a little tiny dent on it, and it came like that, but the SA instead of offering to repair it, said it's going to be extremely costly and that they'll have to rip the whole bag apart to fix it and my Le Fabuleux will never be the same again. I was so horrified.
  15. ooh im so sorry to hear that but hopefully they would fix it properly this time