yet another LV maniac...

  1. new forum member, old PurseBlog reader. some might recognize me (or my photos) from a few other forums. very happy to be part of this amazing group. here's an old pic of my collection:

    more photos here:

    it's still lacking a number of pieces i've acquired since. but will update asap ;)
  2. that is TDF :smile: SNAPS ;) i wish i had a collectio like that, if you ever concider retireing anthing ill gladly take it of yuo hands lol im getting my first bag in 2 onths im so excited lol love your gucci belt bags as well im in love with them but sadly i cant afford it
  3. I love everything! Great collection! :love:
  4. im totally in love with ur collection...
    keep 'em coming :smile:
  5. You're officially welcome!!!!:yes: :flowers: :flowers:
  6. Great collection.
  7. OHHH we have the same Pionnier and Keepall! :smile:

    You have the Millionaires!! uhhh I missed out on them! I was sooo sad:sad:

    naughtymanolo > which bag will you be getting? im excited for you. and im sure you know once you start.... it never ends! :graucho:

    solitair > your collection is jaw-dropping! my fave is that D&G multicolour ribbon bag. what fun you must have carrying it. :yes:

    Mattd7474 > YAY us! the Pionnier is the only D. Geant i really like. and im still pretty stoked to have the Millionaires. i feel like a million bucks wearing it. :cool:
  9. Wonderful collection!!!:love: Welcome to PF!!!:flowers:
  10. I wish I wouldn't have waited to get them! I said to my self " $1k for sunglasses, I doubt people are lining up to buy these" turns they out they were and Matty missed out lol. I thought I had plenty of time but I lied to my self lol. Oh well, I want to get the Huntington sunglasses this year. Love your Glace collection, I have the bracelet also! I have a blue denim jacket too! uhh we have a lot in common! :smile:
  11. yeah im afraid it has already started, i thought if i bought small leather goods it would, put of or at least toen down my craving for a bag but yeah it worked compleatly oppositely lol im getting the carryall, i wanted the keepall 45 w/ ss for 2 years and when i saved the money i couldnt bring myself to buy it! a week later the carryall was released and i decided it was the perfect bag for me, the only problem now is my parents are going to france so they will pick up the bag for me and i will end up saving around $400 (enough to get a diary as well lol)
  12. Matt > that's a bit creepy.... i've got my eye on the tortoise Huntingtons as well! but then again, us guys are starved for choice. they really should put more attention to their growing male clientele. im obsessing the Ouvea canvas bags at the moment... but i doub't they'll ever make it to Australia (boo!)

    naughtymanolo> i quite like the Carryall as well... congratz in advance. it's a very nice everyday duffle. i agree, LV is definitely cheapest in Paris (as Gucci is cheapest in Rome/Milan). i wouldn't mind a Carryall in blue Tobago or Ouvea canvas. though i kinda prefer the Damier Vaslav or even the Taiga Ivan.
  13. thank you, hey i just notived your location your in melbourne! im in sydney lol
  14. and we get the shoty end in prices and limited stock its a double whammy lol
  15. tell me about it Sydney boy! we're prob only next to Japan in pricing. pplus it's so annoying how quarrantine won't allow exotic leathers in... when all these croc leathers come from NT! grrr... the frustrations.