Yet Another Let Down From Saks.. So Sad!

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  1. Once again (this is the 3rd or 4th time) I've ordered something from SAKS and had my hopes way up just to be let way down when I receive the WRONG item! What on earth is wrong w/ their SA's????? I was told my Grenat Make up clutch and Black Make up clutches would be arriving today. Well I did get a box but inside were 2 money wallets. Yes they were the correct colors but wrong items. I'm so frustrated w/ them. Just felt like complaining to others who may understand. DH doesn't get it. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. arh that very unprofessional of them,! have you returned them already?
  3. awww, that sucks, z&j!!
    it's frustrating bc now you have to mail those items back which is like wasted time and effort. i'm sorry this happened. i would be so mad!
  4. I am so sorry! I had that probably with Neimans online. I ordered a tan Betty Bag (the $1900 one) 4 times, thats FOUR times! and each time I got the wrong bag! TWICE it was croc paddingtons that were way more than the bag I ordered, yet I was charged for the Betty each time. See kiddies, thats what happens when you dont finish high school, You wont be able to read numbers and letters like big people and you will screw up online orders repeatedly!...I feel your pain.
  5. No, not yet. They just came today. I plan on bringing them back to another Saks that doesn't carry Bbbags(hope I don't have a problem) during the week. So depressed
  6. I was looking forward to that makeup clutch in grenat. Thought it would be so cute for going out at night. Boo hoo
  7. You shouldnt have a problem returning them, my NM here doesnt carry Bbags and I have returned several there. The SA's there buy them before I even get 10 feet from the counter!
  8. I assume you are kidding????
  9. WHAAAT?!!! Aren't croc paddington's like $12,000?!! You mean they sent you a $12K bag and only charged you $1900, each time?! :wtf: I think the second time... I might have actually just accepted the croc paddy instead. :rolleyes:

    But yeah, I'm so sorry Z&J. I got so annoyed the last time I went to Saks... The SA didn't even know which bag was the Marc Jacobs stam, when it was right there in front of us by itself in a large display. She was like "oh this bag?" and pointed to a Chloe bag. I was like "no" and she was like "OH this one" and pointed to another Chloe! :wacko:

    But, I hope you get your make-up clutches soon Z&J!! I just got 2 really nice ones on Ebay... I usually get better service on Ebay now than in dept stores. :rolleyes:
  10. Thanks everyone. Think I will just order from Balenciaga and deal w/ the sight unseen and no refund policy. SAKS is stressing me out way too much. I just don't understand how their SA's have 0 knowledge of what they're selling.
  11. Pewter I dont like croc anything and I couldnt have/wouldnt have done that anyway, I knew they were expensive but I didnt know THAT expensive, what surprised me was that I didnt think we could get croc items here in CA, yet they were sent to me. And they were quite ugly in my opinion. It was quite a while ago, earlier this year. When I returned them NO ONE seemed shocked that I received a more expensive bag more than once, it wasnt even an issue of sku numbers being wrong, each bag had the appropriate item number on them..

    chigirl: yes I was kidding. But they obviously they are not the brightest crayons in the box.
  12. Sorry to hear about the clutches! (or lack thereof) I definitely plan on getting one soon. They look great! I feel your pain.
  13. I know you can't get python in CA, I don't know about croc. But still that's crazy! Someone could have totally kept that $12K croc paddy and Saks could have lost $10K and they weren't even shocked? That's crazy... Someone should have gotten fired.

    But I hope you guys get your clutches soon. BalNY should be much better.