Yet another... I'm not a plastic bag thread.

  1. Anyone using theirs as a hand bag?

    Any modeling pic's or pic's of the bag stuffed ?
  2. No, I use it for groceries.
  3. I use mine as a work bag. It's very roomy, I love it!
  4. i sometimes use my as a purse, tote, just anything bag. I love it.
  5. I hate those bags. I think they look cheap and ugly and are opportunism disguised as concern for the environment. Aren't quite a few carbon footprints being generated by all the postal technology needed to send those unsightly bags around the world? And what about the cheap, Chinese labour involved in their manufacture. I see there are now loads of cheap knock-offs. Not before time!

  6. haha...excellent point. I am pretty sure i am agreeing with you!
  7. I use it as a shopping bag, school bag, etc. It's super roomy.
  8. ^^ I'm sorry off topic, pursenality, mind if i am asking, is that a lockit mc at your avatar? wow i didnt know they made one, are they readily available in the store or you have to special order?
  9. I haven't had a chance to use mine yet (haven't been grocery shopping!), but hope to use it on Wednesday :biggrin:

    I may also use it for a school bag
  10. No chance to be using it yet. It is still in my closet. Think too much hype around them. Will wait a while first