Yet another HH question...Iznik yellow?

  1. Okay so judging by the amount of posts in the Handbags sections, I think we need an HH forum... :graucho:

    Anyway, I bought two HH bags during the Big Bang sale (Hudson Hobo Vachetta and Nico XX in Ink). I returned them both, the Vachetta leather really wasn't what I was expecting at all and I just didn't like the big zip flap on the Nico. Somehow, I missed the "hot" sale last week :crybaby:and didn't score any deals. HOWEVER... I am very interested in the Mercer Triple C. I think the style is the bag for me...perfect combo of awesome leather and great organization. I think I want Iznik Yellow. I have searched but can't find anyone that has it on the PF. Does anyone have this color? What is it like IRL? Or what other color would you recommend?
  2. Actually, the color in the photo on their website is pretty true to color.
  3. bondgirl, I have the triple-c in poppy, which is a gorgeous color - I've never seen such delicious colors before Hayden-Harnett - they've really got that down to a T. IMO, I think you'd want to dive in to that Iznik yellow and never come up for air!

    Seriously - I have never been into colors before (on a handbag) - now I have cobalt blue, poppy, plum - all just TDF. I have one black bag now and I just can't even imagine I'll carry it any time soon...
  4. Thanks indiaink...I am a teeny bit reluctant because now it seems everything is getting into fall colors...but then, I live in Houston, which is basically summer all year round; so I could rock a bright yellow, right??? (PS - I used to live on the Minnesota / Canada border so I feel your pain about winter :p)

    Do you think the price will go down any more? Or should I just go for it at $246? I know some other Mercers were $90 or something crazy.
  5. hi! i have the Nico in Iznik Yellow, and i love the color, and it's not traffic-light bright yellow at all... i think you could definitely wear it in Houston regardless of season... when i bought it, i figured it would be my summer bag, but i think even here in stodgy new england i'll take it into fall... and i think that GlamaRuth has the exact bag you are wanting and wears it in winter up here in New England - the Mercer triple-C in Iznik Yellow - you should PM her or see if she joins this thread!

    in terms of whether to buy now or wait, i'm torn. it's probably a color that will be discontinued shortly (doesn't appear in Fall line) so maybe a killer sale will come soon, but on the other hand, we've seen so many great HH deals this summer, i wonder if there could possibly be another? i know the Mercer clutch sold out in Iznik a while back, so maybe you should jump on it now? sheesh. i'm no help here :smile:
  6. ^oh GIRL, you are so in the right place for a yellow leather handbag; I would say 'yellow' is Houston's 'winter white'.:yahoo: I've been to Houston before, and Galveston - I used to live in Oklahoma before I lost my mind and moved to St. Paul - I miss the warmth, but I've been hearing OK is getting the winter weather we should be having... weird.

    I'd go for it, if I were you - I've been thinking that some of the colors are being replaced by the colors in their new Fall line and might not be made again, but I don't know that for sure. If any company deserves to have one of their bags purchased at a price like the one for the Triple C, it's Hayden-Harnett. There is NO guarantee the bag in that color will be back around again - I'm freaking because my favorite saddle Inka is now sold out and I'm not seeing it on their site - I don't know what I'll do when the one I have drops dead (yeah, like that's going to happen any time soon, seriously, I've got enough HH bags to last me a good long while, but I love the saddle Inka the best).

    The best part: If you don't like it, you're out the cost of return shipping (you can ship it back the cheapest way) and then you know for sure that it's not for you. I did that with the Nomade - GAWD that bag was too big for me, and I didn't like the leather at all...
  7. ... and i think that GlamaRuth has the exact bag you are wanting and wears it in winter up here in New England - the Mercer triple-C in Iznik Yellow - you should PM her or see if she joins this thread!


    I do indeed have the exact bag you're craving - with a full description of both the bag (color, leather, shape) and my long wait to buy it - posted in the "Hayden Harnett - which one for a newbie" thread. It is a most versatile color, and IMO goes with almost anything, esp. if you have an eye for color combos. I consider it a neutral. As to price, it is nearly 50% off now on the HH site so is worth grabbing if you can take the hit, BUT I saw it in an eBay auction that I think ends this Wed. As of this morning, it hadn't broken $100 yet, so do an eBay search for Hayden Harnett mercer and maybe you'll get lucky!

  9. bondgirl, the Mercer Triple-C hangs great, IMO - that's when it's at its best, because it stays together real well. It's when you set it down that it may 'come open' on the sides unless you futz with it a bit; if you carry much in the outside pockets, the magnets don't seem strong enough to hold it together all the time. Luckily, the center compartment is a zippered one, so easy to keep secure. I just put my keys and cell phone and little items in the outside pockets. I've gotten used to its little quirks and know to set it down and give it a quick tug to keep the sides together. Works for me...
  10. I have the mercer clutch in the iznik yellow...bought ages ago..but it's a very versitile color...get lots of compliments on it
  11. I have the triple compartment satchel and if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have bought it. I feel like a broken record because so many people bring up this bag. It's a great design... very similar to a Botkier Trigger (in the sense there are three compartments where the middle zippers and there is a magnetic closure for the exterior pockets) but it has no support to show off its shape or hardware (I like unstructured but I don't want it to look lifeless when I put it down) and the compartments are shallow. If you ever watch The Family Guy, it reminds me of the episode when Peter wished he had no bones and just became a blob. I do love yellow and think it's a fine color for fall... especially if its a mustard yellow.
  12. Thanks for your response, I had thought I read that somewhere on here...must have been from you. Does anyone else feel this too? I am torn!

  13. I just received the Mercer triple compartment in the Indigo/Croc/Patent style and was also concerned about the "falling apart" issue. I do not carry much, so this is not an issue for me (though technically, this bag is a gift for my niece and I don't think she carries a lot as well). The bottom of the bag is also soft and unstructured, so it does not lie flat, you will see the stud feet. All in all, only you know how much you like to carry - if it's a lot - then the bag might be bothersome for you. As indiaink mentioned, you can always return the bag if it does not suit you. The color is gorgeous. Believe me, gorgeous colored bags DO get noticed and are a great boost to your wardrobe. There's an interesting thread titled "What bag gets the most notice/comments - and by far - bags that are colorful are the biggest hit! Good luck.
  14. Well....I took the plunge and ORDERED IT! As indiaink said...I can always return it if I don't like it and only be out $10 for shipping. I'll let you know when it arrives. Thanks for all your help!
  15. pics when you get it!