Yet another gorgeous Chanel for Nicole, which one is it?

  1. Not sure, but it is drop dead gorgeous!
  2. That's a huge bag - it's lovely...

    She, on the other hand... is wasting away. Gross.
  3. i dunno what it is too, but it's so gorgeous!and she's lovely...
    love her style:love:
  4. Isn't that a Python Tote ? not sure if that is the real name, but I saw this bag at NM it is TDF!!!!
  5. It's the python tote. It come in several colors. Beautiful IRL!
  6. is it in the paris-berlitz line?
  7. I could be wrong but I am thinking Paris- Biarritz line. Look on the Chanel website.
  8. It's the python tote. I can't imagine how much this retailed for.:wtf:
  9. this was the python "cerf" tote. It was in the s/s 2006 line i believe. Fabulous IRL. Tried it on at Neiman's, i think it was like $6k or somethign outrageous, in the used Birkin range....ugh!
  10. Oooh, I thought that it looked like an oversized cerf. It is TDF! :drool:
  11. This is what I meant by oversized. I have the large cerf tote and it is wayyyy smaller. Is it just enormous or is she just more tiny that I imagined? :wtf:
  12. Wow!! That's big and scrumptious! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!! Anybody got 6 grand they want to lend me? lol
  13. it's the python tote!! it's REALLY HUGE though and i saw the exact same one in the chanel in amsterdam. it's SO MUCH more gorgeous IRL than in that picture. :yes:
    if i recall correctly, there's a picture of the tote in the reference library too.
    (thompk has it)
  14. love it:nuts: