Yet another GHD rave thread

  1. After reading amanda's and ichelle's review I was tempted to buy a ghd flat iron. My only concern was whether or not it would work for my hair texture. I have ethnic hair - super long, super curly, and super coarse. I opted for the 2" barrel so that I could move through my hair faster.

    I used it about 2 days ago and my hair is still silky straight. It took me about 40 minutes to go through all of my hair but when I was done I looked marvelous :nuts:. I LOVE this flat iron. I've used a Chi and a few others before but this is bar none the best. Well worth the $240 price tag. The other thing I love about it is the fact that you can make curls, waves or straighten. Today I made loose waves and it came out beautifully.

    I really can't stop raving about GHD :love:. My husband even complimented my hair and he could care less :p
  2. Glad you like your new flat iron!

    I just bought a Solia, after reading all the great reviews on it.. ><
  3. congrats! enjoy it and use it well! :heart:
  4. Congrats! So the two inch CAN do the waves/Curls?! This is good to know. I have the 1 inch and my hair is soooo long and it takes me a while. I think I'm gonna pick up the 2 inch too!