Yet another GH dilemma...

  1. Hi everyone! This is a long post...

    I purchased a gorgeous, GH Anthracite Day last night - the leather on this bag is perfectly smooth and smooshy - the nicest leather I've seen on a GH Bbag in a while. However, I feel like ever since the GH bags came out, like many of you, I've been having an internal, love/hate relationship with them.

    I apologize for repeating some of the same things that have been said, but I wonder if I love the bag because I've gone through the forum and looked at so many threads and pictures that I've convinced myself to love them because they look so fabulous on everyone else, VERSUS really LOVING the bag because it fits my style and what I'd normally look for in a bag. Some part of me also thinks that the GH bags are incredibly trendy and that I will get tired of it in a few months. I also don't own anything really gold. Because of those reasons, I feel like I can't justify owning it since it's more expensive than RH.

    BUT, I really love the color and the leather. I have to emphasize that I love a smoother BBag look and this particular bag is just perfect! I worry that if I let it go, I won't be able to find one of the same quality if I flip-flop again.

    I have been looking for a bluish bag for a LONG time - looking at other brands besides BBag. I also don't know if I'm settling because I haven't found anything that has ignited that "spark". I wear so much navy and white in the summer that I'm tired of using my brown bags (that sounds so snooty...sorry). I don't want to get a white or ivory bag since I'd worry about getting them dirty.

    So, I just don't know what to do and hope that my PF friends can offer some really sound advice. Should I get over my issues and keep it? Or try to be more patient and return it?

    Thanks for being so patient!

    PS - I will try to post pictures later tonight so that everyone can see the quality of the leather.
  2. I really love the GH- I think it gives the bag more of a pop and really makes a statement- The Day also looks gorgeous with the GH- and the Anthracite sounds like a great combo. I would love to see your pics.
    IMHO the GH makes more of a statement and no one would have thought Bal bags would have been such a hit- they seemed trendy at first.
  3. I'm not a fan of the GH. I haven't seen any IRL, but my parents have and both disliked it as well. Like you, I think it looks great on other people, but it's not for me & my laid-back lifestyle and casual wear - so I stay away from it.

    I'm sure you'd be able to find a RH bag with just as beautiful leather :yes: Just make sure you are 100% happy with whatever bbag you choose.
  4. I haven't seen any GH bags in real life but I do like them when I see pics of them on other people. This bag in anthracite is especially gorgeous. But, I do think they are more trendy than the RH.
  5. I think that the GH is so vibrant and pretty but just do not think it is for me. I tried; twice because I really love the hobo style. Both times as much as I liked the colors, I just felt like it was too much bling for me to carry off. This is just me though; I think the bag looks great on others.

    Oh, and to answer the question I think a blue bag is a necessity. I have an Ink Twiggy and just ordered an Ocean Day, as well as a Coach Denim tote. I am addicted to shades of blue now.
  6. I love the noise the GH makes when you set it down....!!

    I am not worried about the GH not selling just because it's still a Moto style and those will keep their popularity through time- to somebody else, the gold GH just might be the added bonus :o)
  7. I am still in 2 minds about GH. I didn't like it at first, although it did look great on everyone else. I felt too that it wouldn't suit my casual style. I recently fell for a GH Work in Bleu Glacier. I think I love the colour of the bag more than the GH. I love the Work style too...It should reach me either today or Monday. I'm kind of hoping the GH won't look so large on the Work style. I'll keep you all updated on my thoughts. I don't think I could wear it on a daily basis, but I could easily use it as an overnighter or gym bag with pride!
  8. mm GH is very beautiful. In my opinion, it definitly up's the BLING factor when its a GH bag.
  9. I have always found that if I don't feel the "instant" love for a bag right off the bat I end up selling it. Sure, I can grow to love a bag.....but those bags the love isn't as deep as those "Oh wow" bags. And to be truthful, these bags are too expensive not to be "Oh wow" bags. I think sometimes with so many new arrivals on the PF we lose perspective on how much money we're actually investing on these wonderful bags!

    It sounds like you are having a lot of doubts. I say do the take-back test. Take it back. If you're still thinking or regretting it a few weeks later order a new one. If you can't then it wasn't meant to be! I'm sure in a few days, once the bag is out of your possession, you'll start lusting after another bag!
  10. well said. I've used that 'oh wow' test too.

    If you have to convince yourself to love it, then that's a sign.
  11. I think lordguinny put it better than I could.

    It sounds like you're too on the fence over this to really love the bag. I know how you feel about the GH. I don't really like it, but about a week ago I suddenly was dying to own a GH Marine City. I know that it'll pass and I'm being influenced by all the beautiful PFers carrying their beautiful GH bags and making them look fabulous... which I know I wouldn't.

    Under the circumstances, and considering the price and weight difference, I would return it and wait for the perfect combo of leather and hardware!
  12. Why not get a regular hardware Anthracite Day?
  13. I was going to suggest the same thing. The anthracite leather is amazing, so maybe you could get something else in anthracite, but with RH?
  14. I REALLY wish I could help you.

    I feel the same way about the GH hobo.
  15. If you're not in love, then move on.... can you exchange it for the regular hardware?