Yet another Finale( ANTM )

  1. So whos watching ??... who is your pick ???
  2. I've watched it a few times this season, and I already know who wins! Someone posted a spoiler in another community I belong to!
  3. i like danielle.......joanie's cute but she needs to learn how to adjust her mouth to her new kinda gets on my nerves that her mouth is almost always crooked :hrmm:......but unlike in previous seasons i don't relaly have a favorite so i haven't been as into the show as i usually am :sad:
  4. honestly I don't really like any of the remaining models. Jade has too much attitude and thinks she knows everything, Danielle is beautiful but is not working on changing the way she talks, and something about Joanie bothers me.

    If Danielle somehow convinces the judges that she can represent Cover Girl and can change the way she speaks I think she will win. If not probably Joanie.

    I'm torn because I can't decide if I want to watch this or the Amazing Race finale tonight!
  5. I am thinking Joanie....for some reason I think she looks so different then all the other past models that have won. So I think that might get her the win.
  6. I am torn between joanie and danielle. I was not to into as much as i was b4. this season was not to great for me
  7. Jillybean...spill the beans!! LOL!OK-PM me and tell me!!LOL!
  8. Joanie! or Danielle. I hate hate hate Jade.
  9. Jade=evil!!!!!
  10. i'd be happy with either Joanie or Danielle. It just seems that Joanie wants it more b/c of the fact that Danielle isn't doing anything to change her speech after she's been warned so may times. I detest Jade, she looks like a man and it irritates me how she talks in the third person!!
  11. i'm not a fan of any of the remaining models, but of the 3 i like joanie best. and what is with jade? how did she make it so far?
  12. i've been calling joanie for weeks.

    jade's there for ratings.

    that being said....i'm starting to see ads for project runway 3!!!!!!!!
  13. I would like to know who wins too. I actually really liked the Asian girl who was kicked off. Usually asian models are really ugly (at least to all of the asian girls I've spoken to) because they're chosen only for high cheekbones. But Gina was pretty AND had nice bone structure. Some of her pics were STUNNING! During the one episode I watched, Jade was unnecessarily cruel to her. Poor girl. I hate Jade!

    I just went to the site. I would say my choice for winner would be Joanie. I really liked her picture from the episode I watched (where she poses as a housewife). But I think in terms of expression, Danielle's better than her.
  14. Danielle is my pick. I don't like how Joanie has gotten a bit of an attitude, she seemed so likable when she got her teeth done but then it went downhill.

    blushingbaby I love your bastardino Tokidoki icon! So cute!
  15. i'm rooting for Joanie - she's just so refreshing, normal and likeable. IIRC she had a decent runway walk as well.