Yet another Fairy bag question ....

Which color Fairy should I get?

  • White

  • Pink/Blush

  • Blue

  • Other - suggestions?

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Feb 20, 2008
I made the mistake of checking out this forum and now I'm absolutely lusting over the Fairy bags :drool: I've decided that I am going to purchase one soon, but now I'm undecided on the color. I've also read that there have been some 'bleeding' issues with some of these bags so I'm wondering if some colors are less prone to this than others. Any suggestions / recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Jul 27, 2008
of the colors you have listed, i think the pervinca (blue) is great.

i myself have the astro, and i just LOVE LOVE LOVE it to death!!! not a day goes by when i haven't used that bag!!! i think astro is a great neutral color, but not as common as the prugna (white) one... i think pervinca could also be a great neutral.

of the bright colors, i prefer the orange one the best, but it wouldn't be as easy to match with outfits... this would be a statement bag that you would pick out the outfit to match, instead of the usual other way around.

good luck! some good deals on freakbay right now on the pervinca (and they look authentic based on pics posted, but always ask seller to email you more pics, to make sure they have the item, and they didn't just steal the pics)...

as for bleeding, mine thankfully has not bled yet... i heard it was a problem with the first batch?? when i got my bag though, i immediately placed a coat of Apple Gard Water & Stain Repellent on her (was great, did not change texture of leather or cause any bleeding at all), Lovin My Bags For Handles Only, and Apple Gard Care/conditioner one week after i had her. but i take care also, and it hasn't rained yet since i had her, so can't say much about that. i do bring a plastic bag and umbrella in the bag just in case i get stuck in a rainstorm!!
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