Yet another eBay dilemma ...

  1. a-la H_addict! LOL!!!

    OK, to make the long story short, I had an item listed for sale with Best Offer option offered. This morning I checked my auctions and some one had used BUY IT NOW. I check this person's feedback and, so far, they had only purchased small ticket items, like toys and kids shoes. As a matter of fact, two of the purchases (other than mine) were made this morning. So, you know it's an active eBay account (and you know it was made by the person who owns the account because the feedbacks have been left this morning as to how quick this person is to pay for items). Anyhow, my question is - MY item still hasn't been paid for (even though the other items that he/she purchased this morning using BUY IT NOW were!) and I've yet to hear from the buyer. Should I worry that I am being stiffed for the payment (as it's a large payment) or am I being paranoid? I mean the buyer is in Europe and I know there is a time difference and all but I am just so fed up with NPBs that I am beginning to worry every time I sell something.:wacko:
  2. I would wait it out and send an invoice if you haven't already done so. If necessary you can send a reminder in the next couple of days. Maybe they are waiting for more money???

    For future reference you can require immediate payment on BIN auctions. It is a hidden option so it's tricky to find unless you know about it.
  3. Oh H_addict! eBay is getting to be a pain in the rear end! I think you should sent him an invoice, and then wait 2 days and send him a reminder! Good luck! I hope everything turns out well for ya!
  4. I always use Immediate Payment Required with my cheaper items but when I wanted to do it for this item which was above 2K it wouldn't let me do it for some reason (saying something about exceeding the limit or something like that).:shrugs: I don't know. I think it's time to quite eBay.:cursing:

    And thank you for replying to my post, gals.
  5. I would wait. Im sure he will pay, maybe just had a busy day :yes:
  6. Good luck! Keep us updated...
  7. Have you sent the person an invoice and a reminder to pay? Give it another couple of days and if he hasn't emailed you back at all, time to contact eBay.
  8. With international buyers I usually have to send an invoice to reflect the correct shipping charge. I'd give your buyer a day or two.
  9. I understand that you worry but I think you are too worried in this case. They only just bought the bag - e.g. I have a bank account that I use paypal for but this is not my main account. so sometimes I have to transfer money into the account or a couple of days until money comes in.

    I would send an invoice, wait a couple of days, then contact the buyer if haven't made contact yet. but as they just bought this morning I wouldn't get too upset just yet.
  10. Nothing to worry about yet, the buyer has 7 days to pay, I think :yes:
  11. Well, you have a 50/50 chance of it working out! For peace of mind, try and put as much in your auction as possible to keep out potentially shaky bidders-when you list you can exclude bidders and countries, and those with minimal feedback or bad feedback-you can also add immediate pay w/BIN, which IMO is a really good feature-you can also put terms in your auction, although you have to go by ebays (ie 7 days to pay)-hope for the best and prepare for the worst is my ebay motto these days-good luck!
  12. :hysteric: So I checked the buyer's feedback this morning and there are five NEGATIVE feedbacks that were left overnight that he/she is a non paying bidder!!!:cursing: :hysteric: I guess I am going to have to relist the damn thing after all. I am just hoping that the buyer will get suspended from eBay so I won't have to wait 10 days to get my FVF back. What a PITA!!!:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  13. It might be a hijacked account.