Yet Another Dilemma... Wapity or Pochette Accessoires?

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Wapity Case or Pochette Accessoires?

  1. Wapity Case

  2. Pochette Accessoires

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  1. Hi all! :smile:

    Please help me decide between the Wapity Case or Pochette Accessoires!! Owners of Pochette Accessoires, are you able to wear it on your shoulder without using an extender? TIA! :balloon:

    Wapity Case

    Pochette Accessoires
  2. Hi, I have several pochettes (epi, mono, azur, and vernis) and I can wear them all without the extender--it is not that tight of a fit either.

    I think you should get the pochette-
  3. Depending on what you want to use it for, I think the pochette is more functional - can be used as a shoulder bag and it can be used as a smaller bag inside a bigger bag.
  4. i think the Wapity is so much cuter, and much less common than the Pochette Accessoires

    but then again, it really does depend on what you want it for :yes:
  5. i have the pochette and found that it holds a LOT of stuff! i use it without the extender also!

    I want to get the wapity, just for those days when I don't feel like carrying anything and just want to have cell, lipgloss, and $$ with me!

    tough choice!

    i actually say get BOTH, but get pochette first!
  6. Wapity is cuter..
  7. Why not both?! I just bought a mono Wapity and I'm using it as a wallet. But I have mono Pochette with extender. If you buy the Pochette and don't want to spend extra for the LV extender, then create our own extender! There were others on TPF who used bracelets to act as extenders that looked really nice....
  8. Pouchette Accesories!, I use my pouchette w/ out extender. The pouchette accesories w/ a extender looks bad IMO,it from far the bag looks fake (xtra long straps=fake bag). It depends If you will use the pouchette mostly as a purse get it,but if you are going to use the wapity as a makeup case get the wapity then.
  9. Wow looks like the Pochette Accessoires is the choice of the majority! The bf chose Pochette Accessoires too.

    I actually want something to hold my mobile, cles, and small misc stuff for days when I don't have much to carry! At the same time, I wonder if a cles can fit nicely into the Wapity because I was under the impression that the cles is about one cm wider than the Wapity.
  10. none lol get the mini pochette accesories!!!:nuts:
    it's like a convination of both and i'ts way cheaper
  11. A Cles could probably fit inside a Cles, but you just wouldn't be able to fit that much else in there...

    I would go with a Pochette. ;)
  12. I agree, depends on what you want to put it in it....I love the wpity, but it is a lot smaller :smile:
  13. John 5, your comment got me thinking!

    Would you all think that a Wapity can fit more stuff, or a Pochette Accessoires can fit more?
  14. Pochette can fit more, but the wapity is so much cuter!