Yet another dilemma. Help help!

  1. I'm currently watching on eBay:

    Epi Speedy 25 (Lilac)
    Monogram Klara
    Mini Monogram Josephine (Navy Blue TST)
    Conte de Fees Musette

    Right now I can only afford 2 of them, but don't know which ones :wacko:. But here are my issues:

    1. I've been dying for a bag in Epi Lilac, but I don't know if I should get the Speedy. Some time ago I lost a lilac Jasmin that let-trade was selling, and I haven't seen another one on eBay since:crybaby:. Should I get the lilac Speedy, or wait and wait and wait for a lilac Jasmin to appear?

    I've been trying to get a Klara for the longest time, and now I'm pretty sure I'll get it. But I read someone's post here and saw that she wasn't really happy with the Klara because the straps were too short for the shoulder and too long to be handheld. If anyone has this bag, can you tell me the pros and cons of it?

    3. The Navy Blue TST is the only color I've ever liked in the Mini Monogram line, and I see the Josephine in this color as a good everyday bag :yes:. Even though the BIN is only $399, is it a bag worth getting?

    4. OK, I'll admit I think I only wanted the Conte de Fees Musette because I saw LV_addict with it :blush:. It's such a cute bag, and I'd love to have a limited item, but I already have four messenger bags, so do I really need another one?

    So there you have it, ladies. I am Little Miss Fickle :yes:. Help me decide which two bags I should get, and why.

    Or you could just tell me not to get any of them and save me at least $1000. :lol:
  2. You need to wait until that lilac jasmin comes back up. And I would skip the rest of the bags since I know you really want that jasmin.
  3. Oooh! Get the CdF Musette!!! I love it!!! It's sooo cute! I also fell in love with it after seeing LV_addict posted pics of hers!:love:

    I agree with elongreach about the Epi, wait for the Jasmin, that's the one you really want.:yes:
  4. 1. Wait for the one you really want....Jasmin!

    2. Not sure about Klara. If the strap issue is true than I would pass.

    3. I really like this color too. I agree Josephine is a great everyday bag. I saw this IRL and thought it was gorgeous!

    4. I'd choose #3 over this one because I like the Josephine. Then again the cdf is a limited item....

    For now I'd say wait, save up for the jasmin and get 3 or 4 or both. Sorry I'm not much help. Good luck!
  5. I love my Josephine, but it sounds like you're thinking about getting it just to get it, you have a great collection already and I'm sure you have a few bags that fit the Josephine category (e.g. speedy's) I would wait to find the one you really want and that seems to be the Lilac Jasmin....Don't waste your money right now just to make a purchase, that's MO....
  6. Wait for the Jasmin.
  7. the Klara's listing ends tomorrow, so i guess i still have until tomorrow to decide :shrugs:
  8. Why not email let-trade and have them locate lilac Jasmin for you?:yes:
  9. I agree with Irene. I think that Let-Trade would be able to locate a Jasmin for you. I personally think that the speedy is a better bag than the Jasmin, but if you have tried on both bags and prefer the Jasmin, then I would say wait for that.

    Don't get the Klara. You haven't tried it on, you might not like it.

    The Josephine is a great all-weather bag and it will be discontinued soon. I think that's a great price too.

    I think the CDF is too crazy looking, and this comes from a girl who loves all LE's.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  10. 1. WAIT! You loved that Jasmin

    2. I love the Klara. :love: I've seen quite a few people with it (one yesterday at the airport!) and all of them have held it on their shoulder.

    3. Are you getting it just to get it? It's a great bag at a great price, but make sure you really want it. :yes:

    4. I'd hold off on this one if you have a lot of similar bags. It is pretty crazy! :biggrin:
  11. do i just ask them if they can find a lilac Jasmin? i'm afraid of sounding impertinent :wondering.

    i tried on a black Jasmin the last time i was in Manhattan, and i liked it, but at that time i didn't know if i really needed it. i like the Speedy, but somehow i find the Jasmin prettier in lilac :love:.

    as for the Klara, i've been wanting that for months. i have until tomorrow to decide, but i really do like the shape and the gathers on the bag:girlsigh:. i was afraid i'd have the same problems as the other PFer with the straps, but then what doesn't work for one might work for another, no?

    yes i did think of the Josephine as an all-weather bag :yes:, and because of the price i thought of getting it

    did the Klara look like it fitted their shoulder just fine :lol:?

    the Conte de Fees is a little crazy (too much going on for a bag!), but it's so cute though. although i do think i'll hold off on it.
  12. I agree with the others to hold on for the jasmin. With the other three I think you have to decide which one you'll most enjoy having. And I don't mean in regards to wear, sometimes it's enough to just own them, :weird: if that makes sense. For ex. I have a red epi cannes that I absolutely love, but it's bl**dy impractical to wear so I don't use it that much. Seeing it on my shelves always makes me smile and that makes it worth owning.
  13. OMG, that's exactly how i am too :nuts:! I'M NOT ALONE:yahoo:!!! there are so many bags i haven't used yet, but looking at them makes me happy :lol:
  14. Pheww, I'm so glad you understande :lol: . I was a little hesitant letting this out as my friends all think I'm crazy for wanting bags I won't necessarily use
  15. has anyone ever tried asking let-trade to locate a bag for them?

    if yes, how did you do it?