Yet another defective CL story :(

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm a newbie to this forum and I'm usually over at the Balenciaga sub forum. I stumbled across Glass Slippers about a month ago and have been hooked on since. Believe it or not, this is my first thread since I joined as I have been really shy about posting :shame:. But, I decided to post my first thread as I had to share my sad stories with you ladies.:sad:

    I really admire all your fabulous shoes and this forum was one of my inspiration to invest in my first pair of CL. I decided to go with the classic simple pump 85, so, I purchased one from Foot Candy. Initially, I did not have any thoughts of purchasing a CL for the time being but I just could not resist Foot Candy's 20% off coupon, which made this purchase a really sweet deal. I was waiting anxiously for the shoes to arrive and was so excited when I got them this morning.

    Unfortunately, to my great disappointment, they sent me a mismatched pair! My right pair is a 85 mm heel and my left is 70 mm. I called up Foot Candy and they said it is a manufacturer defect issue and that was the last pair they had. :crybaby:Anyway, I sent them the pictures I took and the SA at Foot Candy said she is going to send the pictures and the shoes back to CL and see if they can replace them.

    I'm really disappointed and am appalled at the lack of Quality Control on their side.
    The next time I decide to purchase one, (which won't be anytime soon) I will have to make sure I inspect them thoroughly and will send them back if I'm not completely content with them. They are too expensive of an investment to compromise with quality issues !

    Anyway, attached are some pictures that shows the differences in heel height.
    DSC01490.JPG DSC01488.JPG
  2. :tdown: That stinks. It's so horrible to be so excited and looking forward to something, only to have it turn into a disappointment. I hope CL does the right thing and sends you a replacement pair. They're such beautiful shoes.
  3. Welcome to the forum!

    Hmmm, eventhough CL sent the wrong size to FootCandy, FC should've checked the sizes before sending/selling them to customers. When I buy from any dept stores, they always check on both shoes for matched sizes before ringing them up. Demand for your money back, including the shipping. Sorry for your disappointments.
  4. such horrible quality control! i really hope that CL will replace them for you!! the black simple pumps is one of my favorites

  5. I think that they are the same shoe size. I think the problem is that when the shoes were manufactured, somehow one heel ended up shorter than the other. I wonder how in the world that made it past quality control. :confused1: When you pay that much for a pair of heels, they should be perfect.
  6. Holy crap, ok some "defects" are understandable and minor, but these certainly are NOT! Simple 85 and Simple 70 are completely different shoes; the heel height difference is more than apparent. This is more of a mistake in packaging the shoes than in manufacturing them -- chances are some customer tried on Simple 85 & Simple 70 at one of FootCandy's stores and mis-placed one shoe with a mismatching one, OR CL factories messed up the packaging. I would definitely send those back for a full refund as there's no way you can wear shoes of such differing heel heights without injuring your back.
  7. Thank you all for your kind and supporting words. It feels better to share the story with someone who understands. I was dreaming about this shoe every since I ordered them early this week. I was really excited as this will my first premier designer pair. My DH did not understand why I got really upset this morning but he doesn't know CL or how much I paid for it either.:smile:

    The SA in Foot Candy said she cannot do much but to send the shoes back to the manufacturer. Now, I just have to wait and see what CL is planning to do about it.
  8. that is a very very bad mistake!!!!!
    this should be mentioned to head office !!:wtf:
  9. Just got back from some holiday shopping with my sister and niece. Slightly related, but we got some shoes for my niece and the SA made sure that each box had the right shoes and the right sizes. She said that it is frequent that the wrong ones get thrown back into the wrong boxes so mismatched pairs are quite frequent.

    As Foot Candy has a few in-person stores, it is quite possible that someone was trying on two different heel heights and threw them back in the wrong boxes. I'd give CL the benefit of the doubt, but FC should have made sure that they were sending the right shoes to you!!
  10. I'm sorry that your first experience with Louboutin was a negative one. But I can relate because the same thing happened to my simple pumps too. Although I was silly enough to not notice it even after several wears. I probably wore them 1/2 a dozen times before I realized the difference in the heel heights. I'm glad that you didn't injure yourself.
  11. The good news is that you are still looking for the simple pump 85mm, they are readily available, albeit without the 20% discount. I don't think that shoe ever gets marked down in black because it a staple carryover item. The seasonal colors do get marked down so perhaps if you are considering a nice pop of color, you can find one on sale.
  12. Sorry, I meant to say the heel size, CL makes 85mm and 70mm heels in Simple Pump, yeah? Somehow, both shoes got mixed up and put in one box. Like Foxy said, more of packaging mistake than manufacturing.
  13. really sorry about your experience. Honestly while I havent myself experienced any of the quality issues recently reported about CL I know how disappointing it would feel. Dont give up though!

    I would just return the shoes to FC and let them deal with it while you hunt for your new pair! :smile:
  14. me - It's a shame that your first CL purchase turned out the way it did. I'm surprised that footcandy didn't inspect the shoes before they sent them out to you. Don't let this taint your CL experience :flowers:-- they are phenomenal shoes, and the simple pump is a great first CL.
  15. Welcome and thanks for sharing your pics and story. I have had major CL quality issues lately and it breaks my heart every time I hear another story like this because I adore their shoes (above and beyond all other designers), but it kills me to spend the $ and get low quality shoes. Many people on here have had fantastic luck with their CLs, I may just be unlucky I guess. Good luck with your search for the perfect pair, I hope they honor your coupon and find you a great matched pair!