Yet another color disaster....HELP ME PLEASE!! :(

  1. Ugh....I am in hair hell right now. :cursing: I have been going to the same colorist for highlights/lowlights for almost 2.5 years and never had a problem. Last Christmas she left and went to work at a different salon (under bad circumstances so she was not allowed to take her clientele info). Naturally I followed her to the new salon and went in for my usual high/lowlights....assuming she would remember what formula she had been using in the past on my hair. Wrong. My hair is very fine and a level 8 is plenty for lightening it....she mistakenly took me to a level 11. :wtf: Needless to say I was waaaaayyy too blonde and in the process some major damage occurred that I am still trying to deal with. She first tried to remedy the problem by using a toner which lasted all of two weeks and then was gone since my hair was so porous it couldn't hold the toner. She is no longer using any bleach on my roots because I'm so freaked out about additional breakage, but she says she is lightening it with "color" which is giving me a darker blonde effect which is just "ok".

    I have really been babying my hair with Phyto products, alternating with Bumble & Bumble, Philip B rejuvenating oil, and occasionally Joico K-Pak reconstructor (which I know has protein in it and I have heard that too much protein can cause additional breakage :confused1: ) and have been doing weekly moisturizing treatments that I leave in sometimes for hours under a plastic cap. It will look better for a few days and then I'm right back to the frizz and breakage. There seems to be no substance to it at all, and certainly no natural shine. I don't know what else I can possibly do at this point. I have thought about ordering some Kerastase products from Fred Segal since I hear a lot of good things about that line. I do have regular trims and that does seem to help (I have a just-below-the-chin length bob) but I'm starting to wonder if I should just forget highlighting altogether and go to a semi-perm or perm light brunette color? Would this help the health of my hair at all and give me back some shine? I am at my wits end and wondering if pulling a Britney Spears might be my only solution. :sad: Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :crybaby:
  2. Holy Hair Disasters Bat Man........first off, she should known on sight without needing a card where she was going with this! Especially after doing your hair for almost 3 years. But, s**t happens!
    It sounds like you're doing everything possible to correct it. I wouldn't recommend taking it back to a darker color, even with a semi as it will just fade out weird if it even takes the color at all! Then you'll be forced to keep applying a color you don't even want in the first place! The damage has been done and to continue with your highlights won't hurt as she should be processing the new growth ONLY anyway. If she is not...then I would run quickly towards the nearest exit, do not pass go and do not collect $200!
    Keep going on the regimen you're going with your products. You can also use a clear cellophane (It's a Sebastian product) as this will only add shine to your hair and throw that on once every other week or so. The good news is that your hair is not excessively long and before you know it you'll have more new, healthy hair and less messed up old hair. In the mean time...grin and bear it! This is a situation that could have happened once but should not be continuing. Meaning, if she has messed it up now several times since leaving the old salon, you should try a new colorist! As far as the "B Word" goes....bleach....she can use it on your hair with a very low, slow volume of developer for control and not do any more damage to your hair than a color would. So now you're thinking you're "babying" it and not even getting what you want. You have to consider at what point do you begin to get the color you want again??? KWIM?
    Don't pull a Britney Spears (Man, I swear that girl has given us all an out! I had a client call me yesterday in tears cuz in her party jaunts through Vegas on Friday night her extensions ended up in a HUGE BALL! So, she's on the phone crying, ripping her hair out and blubbering, "Now I know why Britney Spears shaved her head!" Boy talk about talking a chick off a ledge! WHEW!)
    Anyway, hang in'll be fine!
  3. Ilikemike65....I could hug you right now! Thanks for your support in what I'm doing so far. My colorist is normally very good at what she does....I think she was just traumatized by the sudden departure from her old salon and it had only happened a few days prior to my coming in and she just spaced out on me. I hold no grudges but I am fearful of further damage. She says she is touching up my roots only and I remind her every time I go in to do just that. She feels really bad about what happened and has done a few free treatments for me. She has also started putting a clear glaze on after I get my roots touched up. I haven't noticed much difference but I guess it certainly doesn't hurt. I will definitely look for the Sebastian product you suggested. And I'll stay away from a dark color. I am naturally a dark "dirty" blonde anyway and brunette would probably be the last thing that would work for me. Thanks again....I really appreciate it! :yes:
  4. :roflmfao: You are so funny!!! That poor woman though! :wtf:
  5. Now you listen to this lady!! She walked me through fixing a big fat mess on my hair as well. I'm soooo getting an appointment when I go to Vegas!
  6. Deb, if you decide after all that you still want to pull a Britney, please wait until June OK??? :nuts: