Yet another classy Paris Hilton outfit...

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  1. Could her pants be any lower???!! Someone get her a belt plz! Or at least a twisty tie from the grocery store to secure those pants! Although it's not like we haven't seen her "lady business" before! She flaunts it like it's in show'n'tell!!!

  2. I don't know how anyone can go out looking like this. It's amazing...she just doesn't care!
  3. haha..this is sooo typical of paris hilton..
    i'm not a big fan but not a hater of paris too..
    i think she can be stylish sometimes..:P
  4. So much money & so little class,shakes head.
  5. As a parent myself. . . I REALLY wonder what her parents, or better yet, her grandparents think of her sleazy style?
  6. Attention whore.
  7. Proves once again that you can't buy class!
  8. I realize low cut pants are in, but falling off pants to me is a different story. She is such an exhibitionist. I showed my husband last night's picture and he said, well that is nothing for her, she has already done a porn movie. I think he is right. She will just keep doing this until she can't do it anymore or nobody cares anymore.
  9. Ha more like show n' tail! Why does she act this way?!
  10. There's gotta be ass-crack on the other side also... is she at the grocery store?? *shakes head*
  11. skank.
  12. I wonder if there is one part of her that isn't selfish and materialistic. Oh.. did I say that aloud? I mean... it's a phase, right? =\
  13. She is Paris and feels she can do anything.
  14. Skank is right! She makes me sick.

    The shame is she is a pretty girl and if she dressed and acted like she had some class she would get so much farther than being the butt of jokes.
  15. Its a shame - when she was younger she loved animals, wanted to be a vet. :suspiciou: My how far she's fallen.

    On a side note, she needs to pull those pants up - she's mm's away from unleashing a plague of STD's on the nation.