yet another citizens of humanity question.

  1. hello ladies...
    you may know me and coh question asker and i have another question. :p

    should the ingrid's style tag say "low waist FLARE" or "low waist FLAIR"

    ok this is a tiny insignificant detail but it bothers me. did they use both spellings? or is one indicative of a fake?? :confused1:

    *confused* so please give me your input! thanks!
  2. should say flare if they are flare jeans.

    remeber bell bottoms? where the top was fitted and the bottom was pretty loose? well that is similar to what flare is.

    perfect for boots, or to give your figure a little curve
  3. oh yea i about the cut/stlye but i'm talking about the spelling on the tag. i have seen "flair" and "flare".

    see the difference in spelling? is this a significant difference or am i just being too detail oriented?
  4. I've only noticed FLARE on COH jeans. If you are at a dept store and you find a pair with FLAIR on it, I'd be interested in knowing this. Otherwise, if you have your eye on an eBay auction, I would probably not bid to be safe. You could try to post your item in the "Authenticate this" clothing thread to double check...
  5. ^ ITA, I've only ever seen "flare" and I would have noticed "flair," I think!
  6. it should read "flare"
  7. Yup, mine all say "flare!"
  8. Ingrid = flare. You can also try posting this question in the authenticate thread.
  9. thank you much ladies! i will have to take advantage of the authenticate thread!
  10. I have some Citizens that have a "low waist flair" tag on the inside waist. They are the Naomi style, though.
  11. i have 2 pairs of ingrids and 1 naomi and they both say FLAIR
    i dont really look at the names on the jeans, but maybe they come in both.

    i get my jeans from either holt renfrew or aritzia
  12. if i remember right, i've seen it spelled flair before. i don't wear COH's anymore but if you post pics in the auth thread, i'm sure someone can help you authenticate if you do have questions about it.
  13. very interesting results though... thanks girls!!
  14. I was looking at a jeans forum for authenticating COH, and apparently both "flair" and "flare" are ok! I think the people who made the tags couldn't spell, because a lot of the jeans (especially the older ones) say "intruction" or something instead of "instruction" on the care side of one of the tags. :rolleyes:
  15. your best bet will be to post pics in the authentication thread!! :smile: