Yet another Cabas question...

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I totally jumped on the bandwagon too late. I am so desparate for a Baby/Small Cabas. I went to my local NM's and they told me that they will be getting some in for the Fall and that there was a price increase. I put my name down on the list. However, I also popped into the Chanel boutique nearby and they told me that they will not be carrying it for the Fall.

    So, I was wondering if someone could clarify whether or not this bag will continue to be part of the collection for the Fall? I don't want to have my heart set on getting one when it's impossible.

    Also, the thing that I found INCREDIBLY annoying was that the NM SA told me that the company had six left - while I know that it might not be true, she didn't even offer to call the stores to check!

    If anyone can let me know what the truth is, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Some people will be carrying it for fall... I believe it just depends on the store. Some are ordering it, others are not. I know that it has been mention on the shopping sub forum a few times.

    I also believe that CHANELboy had mentioned that he had either an ivory or white baby cabas in stock but I can't be sure. Check out the shopping forum. You should find some answers there b/c I know that it has been talked about.

    Another suggestion I have would be to contact CHANEL customer service and have them to a company wide search. Good luck on finding you bag!
  3. Yes, I think Chanelboy said Nordstroms will be getting more in for fall. I would contact the Nordstroms stores and get on a list. You could also call some Saks stores. Some great SA's from different stores have been mentioned in the shopping section, so I would give them a call. Good luck!
  4. They r gettin some in for fall...ask Chanelboy..i know his store is gettin them
  5. Neimans palo alto has a black baby cabas for $1795.00, ask for haddy
  6. NM at Fashion Island in Newport beach had a denim one today.
  7. Get to know a GOOD sales associate and establish a nice little Chanel business relationship. If you have a good SA, they will hunt down the bag you want and have it shipped from another location if they don't have them in stock locally.
  8. Nordstrom in Seattle has a great team.