Yet Another Bizarre Kooba: The Cameron

  1. I dunno. It kinda reminds me of a bib. It looks like you could just sling it around your neck and go out for BBQ ribs... :wtf:
  2. Don't care for the style but would love to see what the Gold Dust Shimmer color looks like.....can't find a pic ANYWHERE!
  3. Holy Moses--that is ugly. words cannot convey.
  4. Lexie's right... the nun bag. In fact imagine a face between the straps and the body of the bag and there's a nun, ready for a photoshoot! FUGLY!!!
  5. Whoa. That's what I say. Just "whoa". And not in a good way.

  6. Ok...who is it that is amazing with photoshop? Halzer? We want Sally Feild's face between the handles of that bag! LMAO
  7. Yes Lexie, where's Halzer when we need her. I'm sure it would look like a Southpark nun!
  8. Wow, it does look like the flying nun! What an odd little shape for a bag. She's right, I think Sally Field can pull it off, not me. This gave me a little giggle.
  9. I guess these bags won't be flying out the store! Pun intended!!
  10. The nun will need the caption "May God forgive Kooba for all their sins"
  11. :woohoo::okay::roflmfao:
    images.jpg images-1.jpg
  12. wow flying nun indeed
  13. LOL!! It has to have been the inspiration!