yet another bag decision post-speedy or Batignolles

  1. Okay I just cant decide which one I like more...
    I am trying to decide between the mono speedy 35 and the mono batignolles horizontal

    the batignolles is more practical for my school stuff and is also a shoulderbag which is nice...but I have a Gucci tote that is very similiar to the batignolles...the speedy is nice because I do not have any bag remotely similiar to it but Im a little worried it getting annoying being handcarried but my school stuff would fit in it.

    I really like both, so anyone who has one of them please tell me what you think of it and even better if you have both, which do you like more. Price and zipper vs open top is not as issue.
  2. I have a mono speedy 25 (but wish I had a 30 honestly) and the BH. I'd go with the BH even if you have a Gucci that's similar. The hand carrying or crook of the arm with the Speedy looks great but does take some getting used to.

    Hope that helped - ? Let us know what you decide!
  3. hands down speedy 35..I own the 30 and wish I would have gotten the bag imo....
  4. thanks! Ill probably be deciding right up to the store...I have never used a hand or arm carried bag. Sometimes I carry my shoulder bag on my arm but not much. So thats kind of what Im worried about. I love the look of the speedy more though.

    BTW I was debating neverfull mm vs speedy but the more I looked at the neverfull the more I didnt like it because I just thought the thin straps, while sturdy just made it look cheap. I may get a PM down the road though...
  5. i would go with the BH ... Its a really lovely and practical bag ...
  6. bump...
  7. i would go with the BH. to me a speedy 35 seems HUGE. and i feel that maybe carrying it in the crook of your arm may be uncomfy. at least the BH you can shoulder carry.
  8. I have both the speedy 25 and BH. For everyday use, I prefer the BH. It's more comfortable cause it's a shoulder bag. But I love them equally; they just serve different purposes.
  9. I have both the bv and the mono speedy 30 and I really enjoy them both. I think the bv is a wee bit more functional in that it goes over the shoulder, has a nice inside pocket and a cell phone pocket. I'd go for the speedy though since you have a gucci over the shoulder tote. The speedy is a classic and wardrobe staple.
  10. Definitely get the BH.
  11. I have both a BH and a Mini Lin Speedy. I would chose the BH
  12. BH - I jokingly call mine Old Faithful - she is perfect for every type of situation, and when none of my other bags work with my outfit or an occasion, this is the bag I use. I carried her at a wedding today!!
  13. I said earlier I will probably make a final decision at the store...but I am starting to lean towards BH...

    BTW how do you pronounce batignolles
  14. That's what I'd go with as well.
    It's pronounced like baa-teen-yoles. I think there was a thread about the pronunciations of certain bags before as well.