Yet another Agenda Pen question for the MEDIUM size

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  1. I searched and searched but I didn't find any answers for the medium agenda.

    I just got the Damier Medium Agenda and can't find a pen for it. All the pens I have found are either too short or doesn't fit. I don't want to spend that much, maybe <$20. I found this one from another thread but I think it may be too short :s

    What do all ya meduim agenda gals use? :smile:
  2. I'm not really sure whether the pen loop is bigger on the medium than the small but at Santana Row, there is this Japenese stationary store that has all sorts of different sized pens. It's called MaiDo. I even found one that fits my small agenda, now i'm just waiting for their orders of the pen version to come in. I remember seeing some pens a bit bigger and longer but still very slim, and i think that might fit the medium agenda. They came in pink, silver, black, blue and other colors and about 7 or 8 bucks. Maybe you can try that!
  3. Ohh, really. Next time I'm in San Jose I have to check it out. I only been in the Gucci in Santana Row, I should walk along there more :smile: I did go to the Japantown stationary store in SF, but they were too short.
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