Yet again another reason to NOT eBay!

  1. I research things to no end, which is how I found this forum (yay).
    I was doing a little searching tonight and googling my fingers off when I came across all sorts of want ads for "superfake" used "oxidized" and "patina'd" LV. I was looking for a Graffiti Speedy and on about the 12th page of a google, there was a wanted ad. I took a look to see if anyone had replied and it read, "Looking for Used Super Mirror Image Louis Vuitton Bags. Must have exact stitching, valid date codes, accurate and even heat stampings and dust covers. I am looking specifically for limited production and difficult to find items (such as Graffiti, Cerise) but will consider all offerings. All handles and trim must have even patina and no significant damage."
    I then found a bag that was offered and it looked like one I saw on eBay...this is the only picture. I can't find the eBay auction I thought I saw it on. This is makes me sick. :sick:
  2. :rant: :censor: What has happened to morality and honesty these days????? :mad:
  3. wow....thats nuts......tahts why you should only buy from trusted people or the boutique only!!
  4. Geez. Another thing they do though is the bait and switch..give you a picture of the real thing (used or not, depending on the ad) and send you a fake that doesn't look anything like the one in the picture. And after that, they disappear so you can't contact them for a refund.
  5. OMG it hapened to one of my co-worker, she received a fake speedy 30 multicolor and it was a fake. the bag pictured happened to be an authentic bag. :rant:
  6. Well, I just got the first actual honest reply from an eBay seller ever! I'm still not buying anything from eBay but at least someone is honest. I asked about authentification and the seller said that he/she was 99.999% sure it was authentic and offered a guarantee and full refund if I found out otherwise. He/she included that they do not have a receipt, that they contacted My poupette and some other authentication place and sent pics and descripts, etc but hadn't learned of the service until after the item was listed and that if I had any question about it I should go to My Poupette and they'd charge a fee to try to help me out. The seller told me not to trust anyone on eBay, not just them. They said that if I wasn't comfortable then not to bid (and the item had no bids) and if they heard anything from the services, they would either post it in the auction or contact me with results. The seller said that if the item did not sell, the next time they list it, they will make sure there is some sort of authentification first and I might want to check in the future. I was like, wow! Like I said, not buying anything from eBay but he/she was nice enough and seemed like they weren't intentionally trying to rip me or anyone else off. (Maybe I'm just naive or optimistic) eBay still sucks ;)
  7. That is terrible...the lengths that some people will go to to rip off the public :rant: