Yesterday's Nightline had a segment on bags - featured the LV Tribute bag

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  1. I just finished watching it on my Tivo and the segment was called "sign of the times". The discussion was around handbags being big business now and specifically pointed to the LV Tribute bag as the most expensive handbag in the world. They also showed a clip of Kelly Ripa (on Regis and Kelly) saying that she thought the bag was unattractive and too expensive until they told her there was only 4 made for the U.S. Then she said, "I'll take one!".

    What I found most disturbing was they featured this woman, Jasmine Lennard, as a handbag addict, she says in the show:

    "If you have a fantastic bag and you know you have a fantastic bag and everybody who looks at you knows you have a fantastic bag, you feel like Superwoman."

    The problem is... almost all of her bags were fakes!! Only 2 of her LVs were real, and all the other LVs, Chanels, etc were all fake!! :yucky:

    Did anyone else watch this? I just found the article on abc's website, ABC News: It's in the Bag
  2. I just read this story on ABC's website. I am disgusted with Ms. Lennard. She has some nerve!

    But thank God "true connoisseurs" of great handbags have some sense and dignity.

    In the same story, Lisa Montague, a rep. for Mulberry proclaims "a cheap knockoff just doesn't cut it. For us, it's about tactility.....The quality oozes from the style itself. And that's very hard to replicate at a lower price."
  3. Yeah, I saw this late last night.

    Some of her bags were fake? .... Eww! :yucky:

    I didn't really get to notice.

    That is funny that some of them were fake because she acted all conceited and proud about her huge designer collection of handbags. :roflmfao:
  4. Jasmin Lennard started out on a very lame UK version of ANTM, she was kicked off very early for having a terrible attitude problem. She was then on a programme where "celebrities" (I use the word VERY loosely) took on jobs as holiday reps she was also kicked off this show for having a bad attitude and being totally useless.

    She is really a nobody who thinks she's a somebody in one article she talked about a LV gold envelope bag (which I think is the miroir pochette) but quoted it as £500 (it was £260) and said she called LV after seeing it in a window and demanded one. Basically she talks herself up alot but can't really back it up (as shown with the fake LV)
  5. ugh that woman is a joke. shouler straps are peasant?! geez.
  6. The tribute bag has been mentioned in a few places as a terribly expensive, somewhat ugly handbag that is a sign of excess in our culture (the View, I think in the NY times...). I personally don't mind it, and something rare is always nice, but would never fork over the money for one. It has ending up being negative press for LV which is interesting, I guess it is just a sign that this season wasn't as successful as the fall line (especially the miroir).
  7. I love Tivo, they panned through all her bags very quickly, so I paused to look at them. She has a real Vernis Roxbury (looks like Noisette) and a real gold miroire pochette, the rest were all fakes!! I saw a bunch of fake chanel Grande Shopping totes, fake 2.55s, fake Cherry Blossom retros (in both red/creme and brown/pink). Ugh... Thanks for the background on her, label addict, I was wondering who this conceited woman was.
  8. Did you notice the little circular plastic LV tag that comes with fakes in the AP photo that accompanies that article? :yucky:
  9. Sorry but why did this have so many UK people in it? It's odd to see a programme full of the people from your country only being shown in another XD

    Good piece by the way but I wasn't satisfied by the fact she wasn't humiliated >:biggrin:
  10. If anyone's interested in watching the segment, abc has a link to the web video:

    ABC News
  11. ^^ Thank's for the link. I enjoyed watching it.
  12. thanks for the link but that woman makes me want to scream and those CB retro's are hideous
  13. Thanks for the link - interesting read.
  14. Thanks for the link. I can't believed they interviewed someone with a room full of fakes. She is just tacky.
  15. Thanks so much for both links!