Yesterday went to visited my Chanel Boutique and...

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  1. decided that I needed to get my last 2 black beauties BEFORE the scary price I went in :ninja: and got these 2 black bags one is gold hadrware and the other in gunmetal silver haerdware....

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  2. :popcorn: What could they be? :graucho:
  3. anxiously waiting the unravel! You've picked up quite a few beauties over the last few months and I'm sure these new two will be equally beautiful!!!
  4. C'mon, I want to have an early night but I need to see this first!!:nuts:
  5. 2007A- Fall/Winter Large Diamond Stitch Tote- gunmetal/silver hardware $1995
    and Caviar Jumbo Flap- gold hardware $2250

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  6. ummm... i'm so excited could it be a met black reissue and a black caviar jumbo???

    reveal fast i cannot wait................
  7. OMG, they are both gorgeous, but I loooove the Diamond Stitch!!

    Congrats and enjoy them! :yahoo:
  8. more pics...

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  9. hmm!blk caviar jumbo with g/H and hmm gunmetal...blk met reissue???:graucho::noggin:
  10. Ahhh, I can't wait to see... bring on the pictures girl!!! :nuts: :heart: :nuts:
  11. wow! good idea to but now before the scary price increase and I love your bags
  12. wow!! FABULOUS choices to beat the increase!!
  13. Well at least I had one right guess hehe!:tup:
    Congrats on both of them :nuts:They're gorgeous :drool:!mod pics please!!!!!:yes:
  14. Ahh omg, they're soo gorgeous!!!! :nuts: :drool: :heart: The flapoholic in me especially LOVES the Jumbo hehe :P... but the DS tote is fab too!! :tup: :heart: I just bought that same Jumbo for my mom (I have it w/ silver h/w), and I plan to use hers too haha! Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  15. beautiful purchases! esp love that caviar jumbo! I'm contemplating it before the increase too... which is only like 2 days away right?! argh! anyways double CONGRATS! you save a bundle!