Yesterday was my lucky (coach) day!!!!

  1. I have been so sad seeing all the posts with beautiful ali outlet finds... that is one of my fav bags but a bit pricey.. I kept calling all outlets (closest are 2 hours away) and even the outlet 5 hours away to no avail. :cry: Then the outlet 5 hours away called & said they had the whiskey and white alis in :yahoo: ( I was really looking for black the most, but an ali is an ali right! ) ;) They would do a charge send but I still had to go to the outlet 2 hours away, ring it up there, then the other outlet would send the purchase to my home... AND their add'l 10% off had just ended!! They were so great to work with. Anyway, yesterday dh calls & says he has to go to the same city as the other outlets, and I am there! Lol Long story short :rolleyes: We go to the first outlet, nothing.. I even asked.. then we got to the 2nd outlet, and they have several mandys.. I look on the bottom shelf and what is sitting there? ONE lonely beautiful whiskey ali :nuts: I am surprised I wasn't screaming and jumping up and down.. then I look up and there are 2 white alis.. one had some leather issues, the other one was great.. we asked, no more in the back, they only had a few... :yahoo: And the best part?!?! They were still doing the add'l 10% off!!! :yahoo: So, thanks everyone for listening to me whine and complain because all I can say is I am one lucky girl. I am sooo excited!!!! [​IMG]
  2. Congrats on 2 beautiful new purchases!!
  3. Congrats!! What great finds! I really want an Ali in both of these colors. They had them at my outlet on Friday, 1 White and a few whiskey's, and I didn't grab them because I also wanted a leigh and the new medium Lily satchel. Soooooo...hopefully I can find them after Christmas!
  4. congratulations on your beautiful purchases!!!!!
  5. Thanks guys!!!! I am still on a high!!! :yahoo:
  6. Oh I love them both!!! CONGRATS!!!
  7. 2 beautiful girls
  8. Congratulations! It was meant to be and they were just waiting for you. Beautiful purchases - LOVE the Ali!
  9. yay!!!!!!!!! so glad you got them~!
  10. :woohoo: YAY for great Legacy items! Good finds!
  11. Score!:tup:
    Congrats and Enjoy!:smile:
  12. Stunning! I am loving the whiskey color:yes:
  13. I am so happy for you that you were able to get those Ali's for a great price.
    I think you made some great choices there. Congrats on everything!
  14. Congrats on picking up your beloved Ali bags! What a treat to get them priced two for one!
  15. Yay! It's like getting 2 Alis for the price of one! (And I'm partial to those two in particular!)